To The Base Commander of Our Fine Base Here In Arizona Where It’s Hot

March 9, 2009

I’m not certain who you are actually.  I don’t know if you have children and how old they are, but I am almost positive that if you do indeed HAVE children, they are not wearing diapers right now.

Or needing bibs when they eat.

Or sitting in strollers when you take them for walks.


Because if you had children who were that small and needy, I can assure you that your wife would have a LOT to say about the flying that has been happening over our house for the last few days.

It’s not normal.

Small, quiet, COURTEOUS planes normally fly over our house at COURTEOUS hours and at COURTEOUS heights.

Not so lately.

For some reason of which we have been uninformed, you have allowed vast numbers of Very. Loud. Planes. to practice flying in the airspace over base housing and now there are consequences.

Small children who are whiney and grumpy and clingy because they have been unable to take naps.

And I hold you, Commander of This Base, personally responsible.

Yes, I’m proud to be an American citizen and even prouder to be married to a man who is an active-duty member of the United States Air Force.  I’m used to aircraft flying here and there at all hours of the day and night.  But the fighters that you are allowing to fly overhead are just plain RUDE and have made me a little testy.

I’m wishing right about now that we were in the branch of services that uses submarines.   Because you won’t see THOSE flying overhead during naptime.  THEY won’t be attempting to break the speed of sound for fun.

Submarines are courteous.

As you should be.

And allow my children to be able to pass hearing tests in the future.

And be able to take naps in their own beds.

I’m impressed with our military.

I am!

But the fly-overs at Mach 50 are about to kill me…….

although my oldest sons think it’s pretty cool that we’ve had our own personal Air Show for the last three days.

So please call off the F-15s and -16s and -22s and whatever other numbers you’ve got or I’m gonna have to bring my kids over to YOUR house while I get a hotel room and take myself a nice long nap!

Thank you.

TSGT. Yummy Man’s wife


2 Responses to “To The Base Commander of Our Fine Base Here In Arizona Where It’s Hot”

  1. Jordan said

    We’re off base and air shows over our house have been quite spectacular these past few days–it HAS been loud and we’ve been wondering what’s up too! Our homeschool group had a seminar at our church on Friday and one of the sessions was outside with a medieval reenacting group. They had to keep stopping when they couldn’t be heard due to the fly-overs, but stayed in character and just complained about the horrifying “dragons” drowning them out.

    It is NOT HOT–it’s BEAUTIFUL outside!! Better enjoy it before it’s too late….

  2. Shelly Grady said

    Come on, Allison. Jet noise is the sound of freedom! You’re going to miss that jet noise in about 10 years when you’ve been away from it long enough…and the kids have grown up!

    I tear up when I think about God holding those pilots in His hands as they scream through the sky. I’ve taken an aero/physics class and have seen the mathematics, but I still think it’s a miracle that those heavy, aerodynamic, hunks of metal weighing tons can fly…

    I know, I know. My kids are older, and I’ve grown hard and calloused to your naptime plight…but I would still counsel you to be thankful for those noisy jets and enjoy the wonder. This too shall pass.


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