A Moment Here

March 15, 2009

10-Year-Old would be in Special Class if he were in the public school system.  Not because he’s physically or mentally challenged or anything though.

It’s because he has a very odd sense of humor that doesn’t translate well to normal social settings.

And, at this point in my life, he’s my favorite comedian.


Today, he was talking to me (probably about Legos because he is physically unable to discuss anything other than Legos) and I noticed that, while he was talking, he was making little dinging noises with his mouth.

In between words and sentences and in generally weird places in the conversation.

So I asked him what that sound was and he told me that it was him, blinking.

Yeah.  Blinking.

See, every time he blinked, he thought it would be funny to make a dinging sound.  So he did.

And I started laughing so hard, tears were running down my face and I think I snorted a time or two.

And then I tried it and it WAS kinda fun.

But I’ll have to remind myself not to do it at church and stuff.

So there you go.  Just another moment of joy here in the House Where It Doesn’t Take Much to Entertain.


5 Responses to “A Moment Here”

  1. Kristen said

    That is too funny!!! You need to record it!

  2. Kristin said

    Totally off the subject here, but I thought that you said once you liked Chick-fil-a. Or maybe it was just that you worked there in high school… anyway, there is a video on You-tube you might like. 🙂 It’s Tim Hawkins singing about Chick-fil-a. Let me know if you like it. *grin*


  3. Allison dear! I just love your blog, and all the joy I find when I pop in here! 😀 You’re a blessing! I also wanted to inform you that I SO miss all you hugs, love, smiles, laugter, and care! Just not the same without you here–and I thought I’d let you know! 🙂 Love ya, Allison!

  4. Pure ME said

    That is very funny! We have quite a bit of “silly” going on in our house too and I love it. How can people not enjoy children?

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