Easter Morning

April 13, 2009

This morning at breakfast, I asked all the children if they knew what today was.  They all got the answer right except for 5-Year-Old.

She didn’t know it was Easter and, besides that, she didn’t even know what Easter WAS.

And it’s not like she lives in a house full of kitten-sacrificers.

So I jump headlong into this incredibly insightful and age-appropriate explanation of what Easter is all about and what Jesus did for her when He died on the cross and how she can ask Him into her heart and when she does, how He will be her owner and she will live for Him because He rescued her from hell because of her disobedience and when she DOES obey and live for Him, she will be so blessed and filled with joy, knowing that she has pleased the Lord and glorified Him, and how, when she dies, she will get to live in His kingdom with Him and she will never die.

And the entire time, she just STARED at me with this really intelligent, interested look on her face and her eyes just bore into mine and I got a little bit giddy, thinking that maybe today would be the day she would ask Jesus into her heart and wouldn’t that be SO COOL since it’s Easter and all!

And when I was done, I sat back and kinda sighed with a satisfied smile on my face, thinking what a good talk that was and how she maybe finally understood what God had done for her.

And then she said this……

“Mommy, 7-Year-Old forgot to do her chores last night.”

And I realized that the entire time I was talking?

She was waiting to tattle on her older sister.

And feeling no remorse whatsoever for her blatantly heathen ways.


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