Homeschooling ROCKS! Here’s Why.

April 16, 2009

Quick post here since I’m up to my eyeballs packing!  We are leaving for a few months…..Yummy Man has to go to a Weather Geek class for a month and then we’re all going on vacation.  While YM is at his incredibly exciting class, the rest of us are going to hang out with my parents and sister. 

Please pray for them.

Especially my parent’s new house that happens to have WHITE carpet.

Let me repeat that…WHITE CARPET.

Please pray for their carpet which will very soon be trampled on by 9 children, 5 of whom are boys that have never even SEEN white carpet and have a strange fascination for dead animals, dirt, entrails, and maggots.

(White carpet and entrails don’t mix well, I’m told.)

Also know that, last time I was gone for a significant amount of time, I foolishly didn’t worry about blogging and ended up losing almost all of my readers.

BOTH of them!

So I’m taking the laptop and there will be adventures galore, I am sure. 

If not, I’ll make something up.


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