Mother’s Day

May 11, 2009

We had Mother’s Day yesterday without Yummy Man.  This means that my children had to figure out a way to get me some Mother’s Day goodies on their own.  No Yummy Man around to buy every Yankee Candle and bottle of Bath and Body Works lotion in the entire BX and then let the kids pick their favorite flavors/smells to give to Mommy.

And then collect their $4.82 to pay for the $876-worth of stuff.

No.  Grandpa had the unique privilege of taking the oldest two to FIVE different stores to find what they wanted to give me.

I’m glad he did.  ‘Cause I got some good stuff!  And my oldest son, who is 12 and has been saving money for the past 2 years to buy his own gun (or a really cool RC car since there are no deer blinds in base housing), spent his money to buy me a rechargeable toothbrush!  And I LOVE it!  Now, I never have to go to the dentist again!  I’m gonna see if it can extract my wisdom teeth too!

(And is it just me, or do any of you other moms just want to sit down and cry for 30 minutes when your kids spend their hard-earned money on you? 

Okay.  Just checking.)

So.  It was a good Mother’s Day.  Brother-In-Law washed the dishes after lunch with my uncle and Yummy Man called twice to whisper nice things in my ear.

And then 5-Year-Old sent me crashing back into Motherhood Land with my most savory gift.


You’ve seen that on a Mother’s Day Hallmark commercial, haven’t you?

Mother is awakened in the morning with breakfast in bed.

Flowers are brought in by her adoring children.

Her husband does the laundry and cleans the bathrooms.

Her children bring beautiful and well-thought-out gifts.

She gets to stay in bed all day, reading and having chocolate brought to her.

And later that night, after a restful and relaxing day filled with love and cheer and rainbows and sparkles, you see her on her hands and knees on a bedroom floor, wiping vomit chunks off the bedroom wall.

Yep.  Kinda makes you tear up, doesn’t it?


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