June 8, 2009

Which is how one of my children used to let me know she was, indeed, still alive.

Like me.

Some of you have been worried about me or missed my posts and I just want to thank you for caring about whether my kids had spilled grape juice on my parents’ white carpeting and we were now six feet under in their backyard.

We’re not.


We’re fine and on our way back to Arizona-Where-It’s-Hot.

Or so I’m told.

Also?  Some ladies who wanted to have lunch with me when I was in the Land of Beautiful Humidity and Rain Showers….let me apologize profusely for my lack of social-ness.  Also, please forgive me for not posting like I had intended to.

See, here’s the thing…..

Both of my siblings are on their way to the foreign mission field.

Which not only makes me the heathen child of the family, but also makes me very sad that they will be leaving.  So sad, in fact, that I spent every waking moment of my time in South Carolina making sure that our children played HARD with their cousins every minute they got, and that my sister and I had time to talk and laugh every chance we could and that my brother make up really stupid songs in the ocean, thereby entertaining all 17 children that me, my brother, and my sister possess.

And if you factor in the HGTV-watching with my mom and dad and sitting out on the driveway talking to my grannies most afternoons and the fact that I cooked for everyone the whole time (almost) that I was there, thrift-store-shopped with my mom every chance I got PLUS redecorated my sister’s house and helped get it ready to put on the market AND rearranged my parent’s furniture and other stuff and pretty much uprooted their lives…..well, there just wasn’t much time to blog.

Not that I didn’t WANT to, you understand.

It’s just that it will be YEARS before I see my brother and sister again.  We cried like babies when we parted ways yesterday even though my brother may deny it because he’s 6’4″ and tries to be all manly and stuff.

The last week we spent was at a beach together in a huge house right on the ocean.  Just my brother, my sister, me, our spouses and 17 children, and my mom and dad who made it all happen.

It was so.



And there are memories right now, floating around in my noggin, that will last until the day I die. 

And now I have to publish this post and go cry a little because I’m already missing my mom and dad and brother and sister.

Plus, I’m on my way back to Arizona.


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