Yummier Yummy Man

June 12, 2009

While we were gone Yummy Man got officially yummier.  And for those of you who actually KNOW Yummy Man, I do realize how very, very difficult it will be for you to be able to comprehend the fact that he is, indeed, able to actually GET yummier.


We found out that he made Master Sergeant which is almost like winning the lottery but in a poor-enlisted-military-folk kind of way.  There are a lot of people in the military who never get this far.  This rank is in the top three tier of the enlisted force which means his yumminess just shot up quite significantly.

There is something very extra-desireable about a man with a whole bunch of stripes on the sleeve of his uniform who also happens to be my husband.

AND he gets to boss people around more and have all this power and command in his shop and young enlisted guys think he’s cool, which he IS, and did I express adequately enough how much yummier he is now even though it’s hard for even me to believe?

Okay.  Just checking. 

And if you’re a fellow military wife and understand what I’m talking about and can commiserate, please do so in the comment section because I think this post just makes me seem like a weird, swoony, eyelash-fluttery kind of woman which I’m usually not.



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