Our Fine Morning

June 16, 2009

It took us 5 days to travel from the rainy, green, humidity-laden East Coast to the Land of Dry, Brown, and Hot.

That means that we travelled through three time zones which was more than when we moved to Germany a few years ago.

That time it took the kids one month to get over the jet lag.

Since we’ve been home, it is safe to say that the children are all experiencing “van lag”.  Combine this with no more beach- or hotel-swimming, no more cousin-playing, no more Grandma and Grandpa-spoilage, and no more junk food-ingesting, and we are basically left with a whole houseful of whiney, tired, whiney, grumpy, irritated, irritatING, whiney kids.

Except for The Child Who Doesn’t Sin, but that’s another post.

So it’s been fun, let me tell ya.

This morning, as math was being attempted, soon-to-be-9-Year-Old had to rewatch the math teacher on DVD because he was trying to hurry and get done and didn’t get any problems correct in his workbook.  So since my job in life is to irritate my children as much as possible (at least that would be what THEY would tell you), I made him rewatch it and then redo all the problems.

Yummy Man was experiencing a morning of school with nine children, by the way, which was eye-opening, I think.  Anyway, soon-to-be-9-Year-Old started crying and Yummy Man told him,

“Stop crying, buddy.”

And soon-to-be-9-Year-Old said, as tears rolled down his face and slight howling began along with it,

“But I might just HAVE to cry, Daddy, because I don’t understand that math.”

And then the wailing started in earnest while Yummy Man and I stood there in the living room, laughing our heads off at his rationale.

Fine example of homeschooling parents, aren’t we?

It’s the van lag.


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