A Momentous Day

June 18, 2009

You know how you have those weeks sometimes when the kids are coming off a major trip and all that THAT entails, and your husband has to work the mid-shift which, in a normal home, wouldn’t be much of a problem but if you live in a 1200-square-foot home with nine kids it’s, like, ALMOST impossible for him to sleep during the day which he has to do because he’s been working nights.  (Did I already say that?) 

So you spend most of the day shushing everyone and telling them they CAN’T run down the halls and slam into the wall for fun today and you CAN’T take a shower in that bathroom because the faucet is on the same wall as the room Daddy is sleeping in and when you turn it on, it sounds like Niagara Falls just fell in through your roof and you CAN’T laugh too loud or hard or long, and, whatEVER you do, DON’T slam the door to the playroom and could you please take off your shoes because their squeaking might wake up Daddy?

THAT kind of week.

So everyone is a little testy and maybe even YOU are a little testy, but only a little and you fall in bed at night (alone) and think that you could’ve been a tad bit nicer.

Or a LOT bit nicer.

I’ve experienced some of that over the last few days.

But today was a wonderfully momentous day.

Today, The Child Who Never Sins came to me with the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen, accompanied by her big sister wearing the same smile, and told me she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart.

And then I gasped delightedly and maybe choked on something.

But after that initial reaction, I had to grill the older daughter.  See, she is the kind who wants EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, EVEN KITTENS to ask Jesus into their hearts.  And that’s all sweet and good but she goes about it all wrong.

She puts the “heavy” on them, explaining to them in a sweet, syrupy voice that if they don’t ask Jesus into their heart, they will burn in hell like a marshmallow at a camp-out and wouldn’t you rather live in heaven with Jesus because you may get your very own swingset and maybe even a pony and you CERTAINLY wouldn’t want to be the ONLY preschooler in the family who is not saved, now would you?

She’s done this many times before and, let me tell ya, it is a very strange thing to hear yourself say,

“Stop trying to get your sister to ask Jesus into her heart!”

It just feels wrong but must be done, you understand.

So I had to quiz her to find out if she was back in her bedroom trying to coerce born-again-ness from her little sister.

She wasn’t, as it turned out, and this was a genuine thing, from 5-Year-Old’s heart, and she understood it all and, even though she has had maybe 2 KSEs (Kitchen Spoon Experiences) in her entire life, she still knew her need for a Savior.

Let me tell those of you out there reading this, who may not have children.  There are a handful of incredible, life-altering things that happen in your life only a handful of times.

Right near the top is leading your children to God.

And I am so thankful that either Yummy Man or myself has had the privilege to lead each of our oldest 6 children to Him. 

It’s amazing and it’s humbling.

And that was our momentous day.


In other not-very-important-but-I-must-bring-it-up news……

The post below this one was worded weirdly and my dear friend Mindy pointed it out to me.  Basically, I sounded like a really horribly mean mother who makes her children redo entire math lessons if they get one problem wrong.

This blogging thing is cool and all, but you can’t hear my sarcasm (the miniscule amounts I do use every now and then) and tone of voice when I write these things, so it maybe wasn’t very clear that the child in question got NO problems RIGHT in his entire lesson so I made him do it over.

That’s a little more palatable now, isn’t it?

Okay, just wanted to clear that up.

I’m done now.


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