June 29, 2009

A little while before we left on our vacation to the Land of Humidity and Lushness (are y’all sick of these descriptions yet?  Anyone?  Kim N.?), Yummy Man had to get new glasses.

Because he lost his other ones on a golf course where he played 18 holes for free. 


And it was one of those hoity-toity golf courses where you can also get a full-body mud spa thingy, hair extensions from organic alpacas, and 3000-thread-count satin sheets.

So, it SOUNDS like it was a good deal, until you realize that it probably would’ve been cheaper to pay for the golf game than to lose the glasses and have to get new ones.

Are you gettin’ the logic?


So we went and picked out new frames that LOOKED all yummy and manly until they got made and Yummy Man put them on.

Then he looked like he was a 97 year old man who has to wear big, huge glasses and a colostomy bag.

So we exchanged them for another pair that is kinda metro/funky but looks really yummy on Yummy Man.  Convenient, huh?

Now, here’s the point of this whole post………

After we had been at my parents’ house for 5 weeks, Yummy Man finished up his Weather Geek class and joined us in the Land of…….okay, sorry.

Within an hour, I looked over at 5-Year-Old and she was sitting with her chin in her palm, staring at Yummy Man, smiling slightly with a winsome and faraway look in her eyes.

And then she said,

“Daddy?  Do you know what your new glasses look like?”

“What, cutie?”

“A pretty little butterfly!”

And I had to physically restrain Yummy Man from RUNNING back to the mall for another pair of glasses.

He’s a little touchy about it now, so if you see him at church in his Butterfly Glasses Very Manly Glasses, don’t say anything about it, ‘kay? 

Unless he’s ever made fun of YOU, and then you have my permission because I know how almost-impossible it is to get even with him.

You’re welcome.


One Response to “Glasses”

  1. Mom said

    What a great post! Made me remember that last Sunday, I saw a butterfly on the flowers outside our window and it made me think of Yummy Man in his Butterfly Gla …. oops. Sorry. Oh, well. Then I went into the house and got out the kitchen towel to dry the dishes. You know the towel – the one with the butterflies on … Oops, there I go again. So I turned on the radio and what do you think was playing? Butterfly Kisses! Oh, man; I gotta stop. This is killing me! 🙂

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