THE Game

July 1, 2009

I love words.

I love figuring out how to fit them into an idea I’d like to convey.

I love rearranging them to say what I want to say.

I love trying out new strategies with them to get just the impact.  I’d.  Like.  To.  Get.

And I love word games.

I know I never do this, but this game is so much stinkin’, addictive fun that I just HAVE to tell you about it.


It’s like Scrabble on steroids.

Speaking of Scrabble, I will NEVER play it EVER again, now that Bananagrams is in my life.



Basically, the entire game consists of Scrabble-like tiles and that’s it.

Each player plays his own game, laying out words in Scrabble-like fashion which sounds very Scrabble-y, but actually isn’t.

Because here’s where it gets fun.

You can arrange and re-arrange your words depending on additional tiles that you pick up during the game.  So if you pick up a Q, and the only U you have is already on your playing board, you can take the U, use it with your Q, and then rearrange the other words to accomodate that U-taking.

I’m tellin’ ya.  I wanna stop right now and go play it!

It’s THAT fun!

We took it with us to our family reunion and every kid there wanted to play it!  Plus, every adult except for my dad who just didn’t get it until recently.  He was still stuck in the stultifying boring Scrabble mindset.

One of the reasons that this is my favorite game in the universe is that I can beat my mom at it.

Which is like saying I could SO beat Tiger Woods at golf.

My mom is the ultimate game-stomper which means she stomps on ANYONE who tries to play her at any game that requires a table or, at the very least, a flat playing surface.

It’s depressing to play her, but now, I can beat her because I ROCK at Bananagrams.

And I’m not being proud.  Just really, really confident in my Bananagram-ness.

You can get it at Target and I urge you to go NOW and buy it.  Just don’t plan to get anything else done the rest of the day because you will be addicted.

ADDICTED, I tell you!

Also?  It comes in a cloth, zippered case that is shaped like a banana so the cuteness of that also makes you want to buy it. 

There is something so satisfying about unzipping that game and spilling all the tiles out.

Oh yeah.  It must be the fact that I win.





2 Responses to “THE Game”

  1. Mom said

    Well, you don’t have to tell the whole WORLD that you can beat me at Bananagrams, do you? Ya’ big Blabbermouth! 🙂

  2. […] It’s just his way of letting you know that he’s better at something than you, which feeds his delicate (in a manly sort of way) ego since you can totally ice him at things like basketball and billiards and Bananagrams. […]

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