Today (How’s THAT for a snappy title?)

July 13, 2009

Two funny things happened here today.

First, one of my older boys who shall remain nameless but is somewhere between the ages of 9 and 13, made me almost wet myself first thing this morning. 

I went to tell all the children that it was time to get up, and when I walked into the boys’ room, I saw this young man-boy sitting on his bed, wearing only a pair of shorts, and doing………wait for it…….cross-stitch.

Yes.  Cross-stitch.

Within the last few years, he has asked me to teach him how to cross-stitch AND how to crochet.  And I have.  Because I’m a homeschool mom who tries to enable her kids to pursue their interests because we never know how the Lord will use those interests for His glory, right?

But you also have to know that this boy is a total boys’ boy.  He knows more about guns than anyone alive except for Mr. Oklahoma Man.  NO ONE is more of a gun geek than THAT guy, but you know what?  He will not be offended by that last sentence AT ALL.  In fact, he will probably puff his chest out, maybe pop a button or two, and SO OWN that gun geek title.

With relish!

Anyway, Cross-stitch Boy can also tell you exactly where to start cutting on a lynx to perfectly preserve the pelt and the precise point to hit a turkey so that it will die almost instantly.

So there is a truckload of testosterone coursing through this child’s veins, with a tiny bit of estrogen peeking out every now and then.

But I’m thinking this is SO gonna be a good thing when he gets married.

Can’t you just see him up in a deer blind, waiting for a big buck to happen by, wiling away the hours making doilies?

So when he gets home, he’ll have a perfectly preserved deer hide, a ton of deer meat, and a few new doilies for his wife!

Now who doesn’t want a man like THAT?!!

Seriously!  How adorable is that? 

The second thing I wanted to tell you about……

Almost-3-Year-Old was walking around the house today, pushing a pink Little Tikes baby stroller WITH A BOX ON HIS HEAD.

Yes, you read that last part right.

And he was bumping into walls and doors and falling down and giggling and just having a merry ‘ole time.

And I didn’t stop him.

Because I was thinkin’……let’s see…..he’s occupied.  He’s happy.  It’s 1500 degrees outside so he can’t go out THERE.

Unless he starts bleeding from his ears, I’m not gonna disturb him!

And, happily, he lived through the evening and is now in bed, sleeping soundly.



3 Responses to “Today (How’s THAT for a snappy title?)”

  1. happy geek said

    It’s going to be one lucky woman who winds up with a dude like that!

    (The doily maker, not the box walker.) Box walker may have a slightly tougher time finding a mate, what with being unable to see and all.

  2. Patti said

    Can I put in an application for Doily Boy? My daughter just turned 8, and is the most adorable pink-clad tom boy you’ll ever clap eyes on! I’m totally thinking we need to go back to arranged marriages!

  3. Mom said

    Doilies! Oh my word! I can just picture it – about laughed myself silly. Thanks!

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