Our Old House

July 19, 2009

The couple that bought our house in Iowa have been in contact with us a few times since we left.  Actually, the male member of the pair reads this blog for some reason, which is kinda cool.

He sends me pictures of our dog that we left with them and our cats that are still keeping that ROCKIN’  4000-square-foot barn clean and neat and tidy because we left them too which was wonderful that they could stay in their home, but still kinda makes me sad.

Because here’s the thing.  In my head, I know that it is not our house anymore, but in my HEART?  Well, that’s another story.  Because he sent us a little update on the house, telling us that his wife built a little brick oval spot in the front yard which sounds beautiful and lovely, but my mind IMMEDIATELY thought…..boy, that’s really gonna be in the way when our kids are running around out there….hope they don’t trip on it……


Like we’re renting it out, and boy, do we have some really great tenants that are keeping the place up while we’re gone.

I mean, I was glad to hear that they haven’t changed much of the house and that the wife has made a big garden in one of the paddocks because I’m thinking that won’t THAT be handy to already have that in place when we return and I hope they didn’t repaint inside because the wall color inside that I chose 5 years ago?  I could snuggle with it at night and make ice cream out of it.


And I have to keep reminding myself that IT’S NOT YOUR HOUSE ANYMORE, ALLISON!  GIVE IT UP!  MOVE ON!

But moving on means that I have to realize that I now live in Arizona where it’s hot and the only colors here seem to be Earth and Taupe and Ecru and SNORE!!!!!!

And I miss my 4000-square-foot barn with the cement floors and the loft and the workshop and the chicken coop and the cute, little tiny pastures and the creek and the house with 3 stories and the greatest kitchen floors in the universe!

And I miss our dog who will drive you absolutely bananas but somehow you love her anyway because her ears flop forward in that way that labs have that make you want to pick them up and put them in your pocket.

If you have a pocket the size of Rhode Island.

And now I’m sure the owners are a little bit scared that I’m going to show up at their house one night with a loaded gun and try to steal my house back.

But I won’t.  Because…….um…….like…….how would I DO that?!


3 Responses to “Our Old House”

  1. Zum said

    GREAT blog! WOW! I can just SEE your house and barn. Bet they were WONDERFUL! I’m jealous! 🙂

  2. Mother said

    Oh, Allison … it WAS a wonderful house! And Barn! God blessed you with a beautiful spot and I can understand why you miss it. It’s hard to give up something that holds such a dear spot in our hearts. Granny said, “You know, I think about that house and barn still today. It was so nice.” The visit to you and your family in Iowa brought back many memories for both of your grandmas. What a treat that they could enjoy your house and barn too!

  3. Kim N. said

    Excuse me, but I live in Tucson, where it’s hot, and the color on my living room wall is not snore or ecru, but STEAMY ROMANCE from Citron paints. They actually call their paint “YUMMY” and “delicious” and one of their magazine ads says “resist the urge to lick your walls”–right up your alley! They’re extremely low-VOC (maybe no VOC–there wasn’t any odor to speak of). Only available in Tucson where it’s hot, hot, hot!!!! http://www.citronpaint.com/ (the home page actually looks like our wall…careful not to lick your screen–yours probably has as many fingerprints as mine.)

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