Air Conditioning

July 19, 2009

One thing I love about this little house is that it’s cozy. 

Not a bad kind of cozy like how realtors try to sell a teeny-tiny little house by calling it a “cozy cottage” which means that when you sit on the potty in one room, your knees stick out into another.

Not THAT kind of cozy.

See, today I figured out why I have had that feeling of coziness in this house lately and it was just plain ‘ole epiphanous.

When I was growing up in South Carolina where the humidity is ALWAYS 100% and the summers are hot and long, we didn’t have air conditioning.

Let me say that again.  We didn’t have air conditioning.

I remember summer nights where I would writhe around on my bed, sweat pouring off of me, unable to sleep because of the sweltering heat.

During the day, things weren’t much better EXCEPT when the temperature reached 90 degrees.

Because when THAT happened, we were able to turn on our little window A/C unit which was like manna from heaven.

Why 90 degrees?  Well, because my dad was (and still is) very tight frugal with money and everyone knows how expensive it is to run window A/C units, right?  So his rule was that, whenever the temperatures outside reached 90, we could turn on the manna from heaven because then, and only then, would it be seemingly worth the extra expense.

And let me break away for just a moment to explain that it wasn’t like my dad was laying brick or paving interstates out there in the heat and humidity, making minimum wage.  No.  He was in a 65 degree office building, having catered meetings and playing with people’s hands and feet.  (He was a Physical Therapist which is a noble profession but that’s not the point, okay?  The point is the 65-degree office part.)


When we turned on the little A/C box, we would close off all the doors to the rest of the house and we would spend our day in the den and kitchen only.  So we were in this little space all day, playing games and reading books and watching TV and talking, while that little Heaven Box almost made icicles form on the ceiling.  It was deliciously cold in those rooms and I just remember how cozy and wonderful those days were.

This house reminds me of those cold summer days spent in that little space, all of us together.

I think I left out the part where I explain that in base housing (at least for now), we don’t pay utilities so we practically wear sweaters around the house here…’s deliciously cold! 

So that’s why this house reminds me of my summers spent in 600 square feet of air-conditioned wonderfulness growing up.

This post also goes very far in explaining my extreme issues with heat.  Yes, I whine about the Arizona heat waaaaaayyyy too much, but I think I am entitled. 


I’m just impressed that I don’t need therapy to deal with the inhumanity of it!

Just a blog.

Where I whine a lot about the heat.

Thank you for listening.



6 Responses to “Air Conditioning”

  1. palmetto boy said

    Such whining! We are considering shutting down our air conditioner as it cost too much. There is a character-building advantage living in a non-air conditioned house in the sunny South! I’m certain that your dad did not work in a 65 degree office; maybe 66, but not 65!

  2. Mother said

    Only 90 degrees? I thought it was 190 … it sure SEEMED like it! BOY, was it hot! Ahhh, cool A/C in the den and kitchen for a mama and her 3 little chicks. Brings back memories. Those were the days. 🙂

  3. Trina said

    Epiphanous??? Cool word!

    When visiting in Iowa (southeast of Des Moines) in August as a girl, I can remember nights like you described in my Aunt and Uncle’s non-air-conditioned house. But I’ll bet they weren’t as humid as SC nights!

    Enjoyed visiting with Mark and Susan and clan today. What a great family!

  4. Jessica said

    I have to have my AC too! We too only had a window unit growing up, but we lived in Iowa so it was not as bad as where you lived!

  5. Celi said

    LOL. You are too funny! Check out my blog for the 10 ten reasons summers are great here in AZ! Then again…you might not agree.

  6. Heather C said

    I cannot believe you did not have central air in your house growing up. My family did not turn on the ac until we made our July pilgrimage to the beach. After driving down in an air conditioned car and staying in an air conditioned condo (with it quite frigid, mind you) they could not stand it any more when we got back. LOL. I feel for you! Arizona is HOT, even without the humidity.

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