My Little Servant. (Kinda Like My Little Pony Except Different.)

July 24, 2009

I’ve talked to two whole moms in my life who had one child who was a true, deep-down, dyed-in-the-wool servant.

I grilled and grilled them, asking what they did to make their particular child so servant-minded and wonderful.

I mean, I wanted the formula, you know?

And both moms independently told me that they didn’t do ANYTHING to make them that way.  They just came like that!

Do you know how frustrating that was to me?

Until I got one too!

He is three years old right now and wakes up every morning, looking for things to straighten and put away.

He is my go-to guy for when I need a lone rock put back outside or an extra diaper brought to me at a crucial moment.

Every morning, as I sit nursing Tiny Man, this precious child walks around the living room, picking up the cup that Yummy Man used last night before bed and the pillow that Mommy left on the couch in the wrong place and the bag with the dirty diaper in it that didn’t quite make it into the trash can.  When everything is pretty much put away, he then gets down on his tummy and reaches underneath the big furniture to find board books with dust bunnies attached and stray rattle toys that have been lost for 2 months.

And here’s something new he added the other day because, apparently, there just wasn’t enough for him to do around here.

He has begun mopping floors at various times throughout the day.

For fun.

Did I mention how precious he is? 

And it’s not like he needs this positive character trait in order to get him a wife someday……..You know, sorta like the “Is-she-pretty?  No-but-she-can-cook!” thing.

No.  He’s flat-out adorable.  Like, you just want to fold him up and stick him in your pocket and take him out to hold and snuggle and lick him throughout the day.

Really and truly!


3 Responses to “My Little Servant. (Kinda Like My Little Pony Except Different.)”

  1. roundbelly said

    I have one of those- love him to death- and he is ultra cute too. This week he’s at camp- and boy do I miss him around here.

  2. Jessica said

    I have two children like that…my 8 year old & my 5 year old! The 5 year old is also the one that gets himself hurt often like yesterday cutting his head open…so the scares he puts me through kinda even out all the serving he does! Just kidding…both truly have hearts to is precious!

  3. Patti said

    Dang, I want him. Although my children are fun, bright, noisy, inquisitive souls, it never occurs to them to do anything without first being told eighty-teen times.

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