A Non-Politically-Correct Post

August 1, 2009

My little girls like Polly Pockets.

Me?  Not so much.

Because in a 1200-square-foot house where eleven people live, 9 of them being children, the choking hazards are immense.

And yet, two of our girls each have a container filled with the tiny dolls and their even tinier clothing items.

Funny, sometimes those items get lost and so certain outfits are missing their essential counter-parts.

Which brings us to this non-politically-correct posting of mine.

This morning, as 5-Year-Old was dressing one of her Polly Pockets, she couldn’t seem to find the top that went with the skirt that she was putting on her doll, so she said this…..

“Well, I’ll just pretend she’s an Indian then because they only wear skirts.”

And even though Big Brothers and Sisters tried to explain to her that Indians ALSO wear shirts, she just wasn’t havin’ it.

See, when you’re 5 and you have eight brothers and sisters and most of them are older and bigger than you are, you really do have to win at some very important things like the clothing habits of Native Americans.

Even if you’re wrong and you run from the room crying because your doll is only half-dressed and you really wanted that to be okay today.

It’s amazing how a silly little toy like Polly Pockets can become a Mount Everest of angst when you’re 5 years old and it’s 10 million degrees outside and you have to stay inside your teensy-weensy, Polly-Pocket-sized house with all your brothers and sisters who have a very serious problem with pretend half-dressed American Indians!



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