My Excuses

August 14, 2009

If anyone out there is still coming to this blog, first of all, let me thank you for caring and second of all, please accept my sincerest apologies.

I have a good excuse for not posting lately.

Actually two good excuses.

One reason is because I’m hot.  As in, we-live-in-Arizona hot, NOT I’m-aesthetically-pleasing-and-don’t-you-wish-you-could-be-my-special-friend hot.

See, heat makes me grumpy and angry and just generally unpleasant and since most of my last few posts have entailed me doing a lot of whining about the heat, I thought I’d spare you any more of the same.

You’re welcome.

Next reason I haven’t blogged in awhile is because I am getting something very, very special for my 40th birthday that entails a LOT of work on my part.

I’m getting a new house.

That’s double the size of this one.

And has never been lived in before.

And is double the size of this one.

And is not attached onto another house.

And is double the size of this one.

And has its own yard with a privacy fence.

And is double the size of this one.

Yeah.  Exciting, huh?

So I’m packing like a madwoman because we get the keys next Friday (which is my birthday!) and we have to be in THAT house and out of THIS one by the 28th.   Which may seem doable until you figure in the 82 hours of cleaning I will have to do in order to pass the military inspection for this house.  So if you don’t hear from me sometime in early September, you may want to check the archives of the obituaries down here.

‘Cause I’ll be dead. 

(That was clear, right?) 

So there’s the update. 

Please come back in September and see if I am blogging again in my new house……

that’s double the size of this one.

(Did I say that already?)

And by the way, if you’re wondering how we came about this house, it’s because Yummy Man made the rank we’ve been waiting on for 16 years……the one in which you’re able to get a big house that is free-standing if you have nine children AND your husbands looks rockin’ good in his uniform.

Yeah, it’s in the regulations.



9 Responses to “My Excuses”

  1. happy geek said

    A bigger house!!!
    How fantastic.
    What a great birthday present, even if you still live where it is really hot. But it’s a dry heat:)

  2. Oh my goodness! You’re making us roll in laughter as we travel to Wy. It help helps pass the time! 😉 We LOVE your writing style! You’re such a blessing! Too funny, and so happy for you and your house that is twice as big as the one your in! 😀 Lots of love!

  3. Back Mommy said

    HAHAHAHAHA! You crack me up. My handsome man was actually wanting to help you all move, but alas, he was here in our air conditioned home grading papers.

    It says a lot if he’d rather move furniture in three degree weather instead of grading tech papers. Ipray all goes well for you.

  4. Heather said

    YAY for bigger house. Love your blog..never post but read it all the time! You write wonderfully and I enjoy it!
    Happy birthday and YAYAYAY for a bigger house.

  5. Patti said

    CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING RANK (and more importantly, getting a house DOUBLE the size of the one you are in)! I just spent the last 4 mornings helping my friend pack and clean her 3000+ sq foot house. Please be sure to let your friends help you as it blesses them with the spirit of service and enlarges their spirits. I’d be there, but it’s too dang hot in Arizona…

  6. Tina said

    Assuming it has air conditioning it will be like a taste of heaven! 🙂

  7. Joan Brown said

    I stumbled on your website through Grace Waldo’s blog. What a delight! So glad to hear about the new house–that’s double the current size. : )

    I pray the move went well and that the heat will let up SOON. We have our own adventure involving selling a home, moving a home, living in a camper trailer and all that will entail coming up in a couple of weeks.

    I won’t tell you about the amazing summer we have had here in NE–weather wise.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  8. Zum said

    So ….. let’s see. Is your new house double the size of the old one? I ask because you didn’t make that point real clear. 🙂 Congrats on your new ‘digs’.

  9. Laura said

    A BIGGER house is AWESOME!!!

    But, I sure do MISS YOU!! (Now yo live SO FAR AWAY!)…
    OH, OK, I guess I can walk that extra 1/2 mile to visit you.
    I’m so happy for you…you finally have ELBOW ROOM!!
    So, when is a good time to come by to visit?

    We were offered a new/and bigger house too–about 1 month after we moved into this one… nice timing, huh?…
    Anyway, we took a vote and the kids all chose to stay with a smaller house because they get their own room. (well, except for the two youngest)…So, we’re here for the duration of our tour here, or ’til they kick us out of our house for demolition purposes–which I do not forsee in the next couple of years…

    (Did you know that a bigger house is MORE TO CLEAN?)

    Have a HAPPY!!

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