August 15, 2009

The packing has begun in earnest.

I am able to see all four walls of most of the rooms in our house now.

There are 872 holes in the walls where various things were hung in order to make our lives here more do-able. 

Most of the bookshelves are empty.

The P.O.D.S. unit is on the driveway, slowly filling with boxes.

And the curtains in the living room are down and washed. 

It is this last sentence that has prompted this post.  You see, I am very concerned about the decorating abilities of my littler girls because 30 seconds after those curtains had been taken down?  All three of them exclaimed over HOW BEAUTIFUL THE LIVING ROOM LOOKED……without curtains!  Let me just remind you that we live in a 1950s military housing unit, with the mismatched industrial-tile flooring, stark walls, and windows that are basically square holes in the walls with glass stuck in them.  There is no molding or pretty panes, and the blinds saw better days before we moved in, which means that some of the slats are bent and don’t work right.

And my little girls think the house looks great like this!  Yummy Man said that they must have a thing for dentist office decor because that’s what this is like.

And it’s not like I had purple polka-dotted curtains on the windows.  No!  These were cream, sheer curtains that Germans hang in their windows that, when you see them there on walks around German villages, make you feel like a fat, dirty, redneck American who decorates with rebel flags and velvet Elvis wall-hangings, while sipping Cheerwine and eating grits. 

And now I’m afraid that my three little girls would LOVE Elvis decor if they ever saw it…….

after asking what an “Elvis” was, of course.



2 Responses to “Decorating”

  1. trinka jeffery said

    Have to say … I have a similar viewpoint (pun intended) when it comes to curtains!

    I love being able to see outside, and have lots of light streaming into my house. (opinion might change if I lived in Arizona, where, I believe, it is hot.)

    I usually just have little valances, with blinds I can lower at night. If I lived somewhere with no neighbors to peer in (may it be so one day!), I wouldn’t have even the blinds.

    Love light … hate covered windows. 🙂

    It might be a carry-over from the bad old 1970’s, where everybody had this big heavy drapes, that were always kept closed, lest a tinge of sunshine enter their caves! 🙂

  2. Patti said

    Not to worry. Your girls are minimalists who are only commenting on the clean architectual lines. They will have gorgeous, contemporary homes where less is more. Very Japanese. Very cool. With only ONE velvet Elvis painting hung over the fireplace.

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