So Here We Are

September 8, 2009

And can I just tell you how nice it is to have a house large enough that my children can go RUNNING through it at any given time of the day without slamming into walls, stubbing toes on doors that open into hallways, or having head-on collisions with siblings?

And not on purpose.

We have an actual garage with an automatic door opener and a master suite that includes a garden tub (otherwise known as a birthing tub if your mind goes in that direction like mine does) and a separate little tiny room for the potty and a bedroom so large that I may have to buy more furniture to keep the bed and wardrobe from being lonely.  Yummy Man says that if we had a 51-inch flat screen on the wall at the end of our bed and a little fridge nearby, it would be like Embassy Suites.

Except without the maid service and the free doughnuts and juice.

So it’s almost perfect except for one thing that Yummy Man does.

He climbs across me in the middle of the night on the way back from the bathroom even though there is a good 10-foot clearance around the bed on two sides.

Why does he do this, you ask?  I DID ask him and he said these three things:  1) because he can,  2) because it’s some good irony after our last bedroom, and  3) because he thinks it’s fun.

Which means that either I learn to live with it at 4 a.m. or I begin to perfect a strong jab to the gut that I use occasionally when the teasing becomes relentless.

So, like, every other day.

Today, we re-started school and even THAT was better in this big house.  It’s amazing how your life changes when each family member is allotted almost 200-square-feet each instead of 100!   And even though there ARE some things about our tiny house that I miss, I am very thankful that, for the next few years probably, we’re here in this one.

Even with being awakened in the wee hours of the morning with  220 pounds of Yummy Man steam-rolling over me.




3 Responses to “So Here We Are”

  1. Lori said

    So glad you’re in your new house and settled! Would love to come visit! Maybe in the future!

  2. Susan said

    So happy that you are all settled in. I was thinking the same thing about the bath tub when you mentioned it. Yeah a big bath to be in during labour.

  3. Patti said

    enjoy! oh, and trade places with hubby so he can have the side of the bed closest to the bathroom.

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