September 11, 2009

About a month ago, Yummy Man and I quietly celebrated our 20th year of marriage.

It occurred to me then that he has had me longer than my parents did.   That’s a scary thought, isn’t it? 

This man whom I know better than anyone else on earth, who holds my hand in sleep, who knows me better than I know myself sometimes……he is my best friend.

What a blessing it is to be married to the one person in the world that you would choose to be stranded on a desert island with.

Last week, in a thrift store, I found a word picture that, scrawled across the front part says, “All because two people fell in love”, and across the back, behind those words, it boldly says “Family”.

That just says it for me.   Remembering our history and what we went through to be who we are today and all that we have and are and will be, “family” says it all. 

We’ve lived in 14 houses in our 20 years of marriage.  I grew up in 2 houses and when I think of home, it’s that old house on Phillips Road.  When my children grow up and think back to what “home” was to them, it won’t be a house.  It’ll be where their family was and is. 

And it all happened because two people who were warned not to get together, did. 

And look at us now.


Since the above is not the writing you are used to from me, let me make up for it here……..

When I pulled the “Family” picture out of the bag with a big smile on my face, and exclaimed “Don’t you just LOVE this?!!!”, Yummy Man, true to form said, “Oh, yes!!  It’s just SO romantic and precious!” 

And he said it with a fake feminine lilt, his hip cocked to the side, and that lisp that guys get when they’re mocking women.

Because that’s Yummy Man for you. 

A Total Guy to the end.



8 Responses to “Anniversary”

  1. Kristin said

    I was going to say what a touching blog entry… and then, once again, you had me literally L(ing)OL. 🙂 My hubby and I have also been through a lot to get where we are. (Check out my blog entry “Seven Year Itch” for more on that…) I’ve seen that same quote before, and just love it!!

    Maybe you should get t-shirts for all of your kids that say “All because two people fell in love” on the back and then on the front have a # that indicates their birth order (ie. 1 of 9, 4 of 9). That’ll really get people’s attention… 🙂

  2. Kelly said

    I could totally see him doing that too :o)

    Happy Anniversary you two…we had our 20th this past July…it has been amazing to ponder all the Lord has done in our life!!! And yes I would so choose to be stranded on a desert island with him…(Mark that is…lol)

  3. Nana C said

    Allison, yes you are a wonderful woman, and blessed. Enjoy your next year and you will be up to # 40 , as Gary and will be next year. Don’t worry the years will not go too fast. Nana C

  4. palmeto boy said

    This blog is so sweet; so precious. God has blessed this marriage. Congratulations on this milestone anniversary.

  5. Patti said

    Thank you…it was beautiful

  6. Mother said

    What a precious, precious post. Praise the Lord!

  7. Nana C said

    Allison, anniversaries come and go, they can be fun, and sometimes so many memories made, you have a great way of adding sunshine to my day, we have had a lot of that this summer in California. Thank you for lifting us with your posts. nana C

  8. ALLISON! How I miss you!! You’ve been much on my mind lately, so I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you! Hope your settling in to your new home, and I’m SURE you’re loving it!! Happy belated anniversary, may this year be full of special blessings that only the Lord can bestow! Love you so very much, and miss you tons!

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