The Grand Canyon

October 5, 2009

I’ve been dried-up lately as far as writing goes.  I’ve been in some sort of weird funk that I think I’m coming out of, plus I’ve been trying to get us all settled here into our new house, PLUS I recently had to live through the heart-stoppingly scary experience of dragging my children to the Grand Canyon.

Which, if you know me, is almost right up there with being eaten alive by sharks.  My greatest personal nightmare.

And yes, I realize how stupid that sounds but I’m just not going to defend myself right now because I don’t have to because it’s my blog and you can’t make me.

So na-na-nee-boo-boo, stick your head in…….sorry.

Okee-dokee then.

A year or so ago, Yummy Man informed me that you just CAN’T live in Arizona and NOT go to see the Grand Canyon.  To which I responded that I could think of nothing more nauseatingly frightening than my nine children, standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, peering over into the mile-deep depths below.

Even the shark thing didn’t even come close now that it was looking like it was an inevitable event.

And so I have resisted any talk of a trip to the Grand Canyon for the past year.

Quite successfully, I might add.

Until a trip to Denver was in the works a few weeks ago and the Grand Canyon was just RIGHT ON THE WAY!

If you’re Yummy Man and you just can’t let go of the need to take all your children to the Grand Canyon against your wife’s wishes.

And so we went.  But not without some serious pleading, threats, and lobbying on my part.  Strollers for the smallest four children; no stop-offs in overlooks that didn’t have railing; and just a general sensitivity to Mommy’s seemingly ridiculous levels of anxiety.

So we were at one overlook with the four youngest strapped into the strollers, Yummy Man LEANING over the edge of the railing calling to the older children to COME LOOK! and the three oldest boys leaping and jumping around on rocks near the railings that had sheer drop-offs half-a-mile down.  And there I stood, closest to the parking lot, YELLING to my boys to stay on the ground  while 53 foreigners stood staring at the crazy American woman with WAY too many kids who apparently thought that bringing them to the largest hole in the world was a GOOD IDEA!!!!!!

And then my oldest informed me in a horrified tone,  “MOMMY…EVERYONE IS STARING AT YOU!”




Because right then?  The whole shark thing was looking mighty inviting, ya know?

I just cannot convey the level of relief that the whole experience is now over. 

The day after we got home, my mom called to make sure that we had brought back the same number of children that we took with us.

My mom’s funny, isn’t she?


6 Responses to “The Grand Canyon”

  1. Susan said

    This was great. We are thinking about going to the grand Canyon next year on our way to california. I will probably being yelling at the kids too. The first time we went Maclae was scared of the big hole she stayed as far away from it as possible. I hope I have some more this time that feel the same way.
    Great to have you back.

  2. Kelly said

    Good to see your family at church last night.

    Too funny…

    I am however, so glad it was you and not me that went, you probably handled the stress far better then I would have, and I only have 2 kids…well Mark would say I now have 3 kids since his brain injury…lol.

  3. Dana said

    We just went last week! That would have been hilarious to see you–I might have just fallen in the canyon. My 8 year old and I sat at the top while my husband risked the lives of our other 3 sons. He scouted out Bright Angel Trail to see if gets any wider b/c I couldn’t do the tiny foot path that they call a trail. We were sitting at the top and Jack said, ” I would rather sit here for 15 minutes than die.” My thoughts exactly. It also made me realize that I am not scared of heights. I am just afraid of plummeting to my death from a high place. That would be no fun at all. It didn’t help that the gift shop had a book recording all the known deaths at the Canyon. I am glad we all made it out safely!! Congrats on the new house. Are you finished unpacking???

  4. Mom said

    Well, I had to KNOW!!! Just didn’t want to lose any of our sweet little ‘grands’ over the edge! 🙂 Glad you had such a nice time. And … GLAD that you’re back writing again. We’ve missed you!

  5. Nana C said

    Allison, yes I recall when Susan, Marc and the 3 girls, (there were only 3 then) went to the Grand Canyon with us. We had a time with Maclae, she did not want to go near the BIG HOLE and then wow! she became instantly brave and we could not keep her frpm going down every path she encountered. you are a great writer and truly enjoy your family. Hope you get this comment. nana C

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