October 8, 2009

Have you had those days when you’re just irritated but you don’t know why?  And then you figure out that it’s because you’re a selfish, whiney pig-of-a-woman who just needs to be content and joyful and all those other nauseatingly perfect-sounding character qualities that take a lot of effort and you really don’t want to DO effort at this point in your life?

Yeah, I have this friend who told me about this problem that some of you probably have.


Okay.  I admit it.  I’ve been slightly grumpy lately.

And irritated.

And non-perfect.

Imagine that.

So today, when I read the most recent blog post of an old friend from high school, I kinda felt a little sheepish.

And ungrateful.

And basically cow-pie-like.

We kinda found each other on Facebook and she has ended up being one of those people that you thought you’d never hear from again, but then, when you do, you just want to jump in your car and go spend the weekend with her?  Or a month?

Except that you live, like 8 trillion miles apart.

Anyway, she is a cancer survivor, and I don’t mean the skin kind.

I’m talkin’ the extremely-sick-and-bald-and-emaciated-and-spending-months-in-the-hospital-and-almost-dying-from-it kind.

And she has 4 boys and a husband and a house in the country which I really can’t hold against her because she is just a lovely person all-around.

Plus, she’s a really fantastic writer.

And today, she helped me get things into perspective in my life.   She wrote about people thinking she looks good for almost being a corpse.  And that kinda took care of the whole perspective thing.

You know, IF I happened to be one of those people who has a problem with that kind of thing.

So thank you, Dana.

Write on!


3 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. Trinka said

    Friends who are willing to make us see problems like that (if we are, of course, the kind of people who occasionally HAVE problems like that) are the most valuable of friends!

    Lots of folks willing to encourage wallowing in the muck, not too many folks who will hand us the hose. 🙂


  2. Susan said

    Yesterday was on eof those days for me. i was tired all day and could not find anything good in my life. Glad to hear I am not the only mom who falls into that trap at times.

  3. Dana said

    How about this? What if you know for certain that God has saved you from cancer, and you STILL have grumpy days and yell at your kids and shreik at your hubby. Oh the shame!! I am still an ungrateful sinner after all. But thanks for the encouragement!

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