A New Thing

October 21, 2009

So I turned 40 a few months ago and my brain started doing weird things.

Like thinking about how old I am and how many gray hairs I have and the general state of my I’ve-had-nine-kids body.

And I decided to do something about my newfound oldness.

I started running.

Growing up, I used to be the fastest kid.  I kicked everyone else’s tushy in my entire elementary school in any sprint, hands-down.  In high school I had slightly more competition but not much.

Of course, it helped that I weighed, like, 75 pounds.


Then, in college, I decided to try to run longer distances because I come from a long-distance-running family.  My dad ran for 35 years before an injury sidelined him.  Two uncles have been off-and-on runners and marathoners over the years.

But I stunk at long distances. 

Or is it “stank”, or “stinked”?

I just couldn’t do them.  I huffed and puffed and whined and complained and basically hated every stinkin’ second.

When we first moved to the lovely state of Arizona (can you say “facetious”, anyone?) I started going to the base gym because we lived a mile from it.  And I got all into the elliptical machine and the free weights and started feeling fitter and fitter.

But then I started thinking about how inconvenient the whole gym thing was, and let me assure you that it had nothing to do with the fact that I was the only woman there who had gray hair.  Of COURSE it wasn’t something as shallow as THAT.

It was knowing that one day in the future, I hope to live in Europe in a thatched-roof cottage on the moors like in “Pride and Prejudice” and raise sheep. 

And gyms and moors don’t go together.

So I knew that I needed to find some sort of exercise that could go where I go.  And that got me started walking.  And I walked and walked and got faster and faster to where it just wasn’t fun anymore because I was going the fastest I could and it just wasn’t a challenge anymore.

And now would be a good time to tell you that any mom who voluntarily has a bunch of kids, likes challenges.

So I knew that the next step was running.  And I wanted to really GET it this time.

So I got some running books that inspired me and made me want to run and run and run. 

And then I convinced Yummy Man to run with me a few times and he helped me run an entire mile-and-a-half without stopping, although I was begging for an epidural that last quarter-mile.  (I TOLD you I’m not good at long distances!)

The big news is that I’ve found that I love it.   Running makes me happy.  It gives me confidence.  It makes me feel stronger and better.  It gives me more energy and motivation for my children. 

I’m addicted and I’m irritated that it took me 40 years to get here.  

I know that this blog is about my life as a Christian, homeschooling mother of nine.  Now it’s about a Christian, homeschooling, RUNNING mother of nine.  I don’t plan to blab and blab about my running.  If I feel the need to do that, I’ll start another blog.

And I’ll make sure that it is included in the Running Mothers Who Have Nine Kids blogroll, ‘kay?


5 Responses to “A New Thing”

  1. Kristin said

    I was always the fastest kids when I was younger too! I just loved challenging the guys to a race… do you think that’s why I didn’t have to many dates in high school? LOL (Too bad I didn’t know you back then… I would have whooped your butt! *grin*) And while I haven’t actually started running yet, I HAVE started thinking about running, so I guess you’ve just given me another little push to move from the thinking to doing phase. I keep trying to convince my dear sweet dog-disliking hubby that I NEED a big dog so I’ll have to exercise him to keep the bad behavior at bay. That plan isn’t working out so well, so I guess I’ll have to come up with another motivation… maybe I’ll just have to think about the fact that right now you could kick my butt (and I’m not 40 yet…) and that just stinks. 🙂 As an added bonus, all I have to do is have 3 more kids in the next 6 years and I’ll be able to join the Running Mothers (40+) Who Have Nine Kids blogroll.

  2. Susan said

    Love this post. I have tried running and i can’t get past the pain when you first start. Marc is thinking about running again. He wants to run a marathon before he is thirty. I wasn’t very supportive i told him you can do it but I am not going to join you. Maybe i will have to think about it but not right now. Very proud of you not only do you have nine children, homeschool, and raise them to love the lord but now you run too. Way to go super mom.

  3. l.ann said

    You inspire me my friend! Just telling Daniel the other day – by the time I’m forty I want to be “in shape”. Hhmmm…I’m inspired by Mary Jane Butters and her incredible ~ country girl ~ approach, but I’ll have to take a look into some walking books (then I’ll tackle running)!

  4. Kristen said

    I gave you a blog award! make sure you hit my blog up and read all about it!

  5. Dana said

    I just started running, too. My friend and I have been training since August to run a 5K. We had this program called Couch to 5K. We went from “Doesn’t getting up off the sofa count as pull ups?” to running 30 minutes straight. It is empowering. It makes me feel younger. And it was really rewarding when all my body parts stopped aching and jiggling. We were supposed to run this weekend in the Race for the Cure. Tricia was going to join us, too, but now they are both sick. I guess I will be running alone. Did you mention that running is CHEAP? I bought no equipment or special membership. I did have to have some accountability, though. And that was priceless.
    Thinking about running the Charleston 10K across the bridge in the spring. Wanna join us?

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