I’m Just Sayin’

October 25, 2009

I really don’t understand the whole Halloween thing.  I mean, what gets into people, you know?  How is it that plastic parts in the shape of a man’s arms and legs and head, stuck into the ground so that it seems like he is being buried alive……..how is this considered decor?

“Classy” and “Halloween” certainly do NOT go together.

It’s amazing to me the sense of tackiness that attacks people come October.  Here are a few examples that come to mind……

Wooden crosses stuck into a yard in various places with a hoe like a grave is in the process of being dug.  Huh?

Orange lights on a tree outside which is kinda Christmas-y, but not, so what’s the point?

Flashing strobe lights in the front yard, POINTED TOWARD THE HOUSE.  I’m thinking the neighbors must all be either deployed or blind for those residents to be able to get away with that monstrosity.

Huge, dangling spiders or skeletons or ghosts.  I mean, it’s no wonder that our society is so violent.  Why not just put a bunch of strangled kittens hanging from a tree in your yard?

Or how about a 6 foot jar of formaldehyde with a dead guy floating inside on your front porch? 

If anyone on our street is reading this, it is entirely possible that they may be thinking……





4 Responses to “I’m Just Sayin’”

  1. trinka jeffery said


    Though the idea of chocolate flowing freely throughout the community does appeal to me. (I believe the “river of life” will be composed entirely of melted Ghiradelli.), and adorable children wandering up to my desk in costume is kinda cute …

    the rest of it? meh.

  2. Susan said

    Oh my gosh. Marc and i talk about this same thing all the time. we drive through neighborhoods and can’t figure out where people think it is o.k. to have these greusome things in their yard. Not sure what some people are thinking.

  3. Mindy said

    I totally agree also.
    Hear the news story about the guy who was found dead on his front porch? Turns out that people had seen him there, but they thought he was a Halloween decoration. Pathetic.

  4. l.ann said

    I fourth all of these comments! Can’t believe I used to participate!!!! Thanks be to God that He opened our eyes to the disgust of it! How sad about the guy – dead on his own porch! Weird-O!

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