October 27, 2009

Three-Year-Old is in this stage where his speech is…….um……challenging, shall we say.

Really?  We can understand maybe every sixth word.

Which makes things kinda hard when he wants to tell us something.

And he’s got all the facial expression and voice inflection and his eyes just plead with you to understand him and the vital ideas he is trying to convey.

It breaks my heart.  Because he so WANTS me to understand him and most days I just don’t.

Last night, he was standing in the living room, telling me the same phrase over and over.

And over.


“Mommy!  Liteoing.”


We still weren’t getting it, so we started our guessing game.

Us:  “Lights on?”

Him:  “Mommy!  Liteoing”

Us:  “You want the gate down?”

Him:  “Liteoing!”

Us:  “You want to play the piano?”

Him:  “Mommy!  Liteoing!”

Us:  “You want a puppy?  ANYTHING!  We’ll give you anything if you just stop saying ‘liteoing’ and just forget about it!”


Then 5-Year-Old wanders into the room so we enlist her help because she USED to know the language that 3-Year-Old now employs although I think it was Girl dialect but I’m not sure.

And we were hoping she could interpret.

So we asked her if she would listen to what he was saying and tell us what she thought.

Then we looked at 3-Year-Old and asked,

“Can you say it again, buddy?”

And he yelled, “MOMMY!”…..and was taking his next breath to say the “liteoing” word when 5-Year-Old looked blankly at us and then said,

“Mommy.  He said ‘Mommy’.”

And she really didn’t understand what the problem was.


5 Responses to “Interpretation”

  1. l.ann said

    Oh. My. Gosh. How. Funny. I’ll tell Daniel that one!!!

  2. jordan said

    And you leave us hanging??? So hoping for the interpretation…

  3. Patti said

    I’ll see your Three Year Old’s “Liteoings” and raise you my Five Year Old’s “Tickoo”. Can’t WAIT for the speech therapist to untangle his execution of the English language!

  4. Amy said

    Greetings! I believe we have a mutual friend who led me to your blog where I have sat and laughed myself silly for two nights in a row.

    Since we’ve not been formally introduced, I’m Amy…friend of Char…fellow homeschool mom of a larger than normal family. We could possibly be long lost sisters..except I don’t run…unless someone is chasing me.

    Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and intend to be back (and bring some friends with me!)

    Many blessings,
    Amy @ Raising Arrows

    ps–I think our 3 yo’s should get together…they might actually understand each other!

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