Oh. Brother.

November 3, 2009

If you’re a mom, you know that exactly the moment you go into the bathroom, needing to take care of business, lock the door, and get down to said business, one of your children will appear outside the door, crying or screaming or yelling about some emergency or another and, apparently, he will be invisible to any other child in the house who normally would be encouraged to help him.

That happened to me today.

I called through the door that I would be out in a few minutes and Screaming Child would live until then, but he kept it up.

For a long time.  Even though, every 30 seconds or so, I’d yell out to him, reassuring him of his okay-ness.

But he wasn’t having it.

By the time I opened the door and came out, there were major tears and gasping and general, blatant pathetic-ness.

And when I asked him what was wrong, he (Three-Year-Old) held up a Beanie Baby moose and told me that it was scaring him.

So then I blinked a few times, trying to figure out why he didn’t throw it to the floor and run, crying and screaming from the room (and away from my bathroom break), and after I decided that I just wasn’t going to understand 3-year-old-ness at this point in my life, I told him to go put it back in the Beanie Baby crate and he did.

And that was that.

Weird, cute kid.


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