15-Year-Old Funny

November 15, 2009

So we were sitting out back the other day.  The small children were running around picking “flowers” and bringing them to me.

(I write “flowers” because here in Arizona, they don’t know what flowers REALLY are.  They aren’t twigs with prickly stems and a piece of fluff on the end.  I’m just sayin’.)

So as one child brought me a little bouquet of prickly twigs with fluff on the end, I thanked them, held them in my hand and sniffed deeply.

And I almost heaved.

Because they smelled HORRIBLE!

So I said……I bet you can’t guess……”These flowers smell HORRIBLE!”  (Small child had run off by then so I’m not a terrible mother)

And then 15-Year-Old said, “Boy, you just don’t hear THAT sentence much, huh?”

Just so you know, when you find out that your 15-year-old has your sense of humor, you just want to lick them all over, don’t you?

But I didn’t.  Because she thinks hugs are irritating.  I can only imagine how she feels about licking.


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