November 30, 2009

So we just got over 2 weeks of flu.

And I think it was the oink-oink kind which makes it sound even MORE dramatic, doesn’t it?……………nine kids, swine flu, nine kids.

And nine kids.

Except that one of them NEVER.  GOT.  IT.

Go figure.

So anyway…..

We had Thanksgiving on Saturday instead of Thursday because Yummy Man was busy making it so that all of you civilian Americans out there could eat your turkey and watch your football games and play Twister in peace, not having to worry about the state of our country in relation to the rest of the terrorist-ridden world.

You’re welcome.  And no need to feel bad that he worked on Thanksgiving or anything because he is paid to serve YOU.

So that you can sleep peacefully at night and all.

No need to be upset that our nine kids sat around on Thanksgiving, knowing that everyone ELSE in the free world was having their American Celebration or anything.

Please don’t feel guilty about that.  It’s the life we lead.  One of sacrifice and persecution.

And late Thanksgivings.

So we had Thanksgiving on Saturday (did I already mention that?) and as we were going around the table, saying what we were thankful for (because Yummy Man just LOVES forced thankfulness), we heard statements of appreciation for our religious freedoms and freedom to homeschool and to travel and all the ones you’d expect.

Except for 5-Year-Old who apparently has issues which we cannot comprehend the magnitude of but now know about, at least.

She said this…….

“I’m thankful that we don’t have policemen that come around and chop our heads off.”

And after we all just sat in a moment of shocked silence, blinking uncomprehendingly, we did have to admit that yes, we are thankful for that too.

Although you’ll probably never see that on a Hallmark Thanksgiving card, huh?


3 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Susan said

    Very interesting. My five year old was thankful for everybody else’s pets since we are mean parents and won’t allow our children to have them . Go figure.

    Oh yes tell hubby thank you his service is greatly appreciated.

  2. Heather said

    yea..hubby is in corporate retail..he had to work 1-9 that day. Sucks.

    love your blog 🙂

  3. Amy said

    I remember those days! And the ones when he wasn’t even in the states to celebrate Thanksgiving.

    I laughed over your previous post as well. Ty hated those shoes! He always said the lowest bidder could have at least made them somewhat comfortable.


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