Here We Are!

December 13, 2009

We’re home from our Christmas experience in California, namely Legoland and Sea World, and a wonderful time was had by all, although that fact was not readily apparent on the return trip.

And now I’m going to go ahead and admit this because I know it’s going to have to be said or else Yummy Man is going to hack into this blog and tell you all about it because he’s so loving and supportive like that.

I cried at the Shamu show.

Yes, I did.

(And I’m not pregnant so don’t even go there with the comments even though I know it’s tempting to those of you who know my fertility history personally.)

You may, however, inquire as to WHY I cried at the Shamu show just like my children did.  And I would have to answer, just like I did to them, that I really don’t know why other than watching that huge whale fling itself COMPLETELY out of the water and then do a flip in midair……..well………yeah…….

That doesn’t help explain it, does it?

Okay, something to do with the magnificence of the Creator and His imagination and the training involved in something like that and other noble things that I can’t really conjure up because it really doesn’t make sense to me either, the crying.

But if you know that, a few years ago at an airshow in Omaha, I cried when I saw a Harrier take off?  That might go a little ways at explaining the Shamu thing.

Or maybe not.

So let’s just go with……I cry at dumb, inexplicable moments in time because I’m a woman who has had nine children so my hormones could very well be confused at what is appropriate behavior and what is not.

Here’s something else that confounds me.

Five-Year-Old and Seven-Year-Old?  They rode a roller coaster at Legoland that grown adults would need to wear diapers for.  And not only did they ride the Death Coaster more than once, but they RAISED THEIR HANDS on the parts that said diapers would be filled during.

Five-Year-Old almost didn’t make the height requirement if that gives you an idea of the appropriateness factor.

But I do have this one figured out.

See, they’re not old enough or experienced enough to know why this ride was scary.  The one time I rode it (that’s why I know about the diaper requirement), I was envisioning myself flying out of my seat or worrying about the car staying on the tracks or how the drizzle or potential lightning or possibility of spontaneous-fire-eruption could make me die early……you know, realistic stuff like that.

Apparently, my little girls have not been made aware of how much worrying there is to life.

I’m gonna have to work on that.

(More to come in future posts, including one called The Most INpolitically-Correct Post of All Time.)


3 Responses to “Here We Are!”

  1. Laura said

    Hey Allison!

    How did you post this on December 13th, when today is the 12th? (Unless you are in Okinawa–they are 15 hours ahead of us and spend most days in tomorrow)?

    I really do enjoy reading all of your blogs. You have good voice–I can hear you talking. You make me laugh… You can put to words those feelings I have but haven’t recognized or have been able to describe…and you do it in a humorous way. Thank you for being you…

    Welcome back from Legoland! Sounds like you had fun. So, what was the word you were supposed to use instead of “enclave”? “Alcove”?

    I am so glad we do not have policemen running around chopping our heads off too…That would be quite an experience, one that we wouldn’t live to tell about…I think we’re relatively safe here on the base…Now, if you lived off-base, then you’d have to worry about such events. ;->

    I am glad to see that you are all up and around healthy now. Being sick, and taking care of the whole tribe can take its toll. I love have lethargic children too. When they are sick they can spend hours in the same room and not even start to fight. (They’re too busy being sick). It’s amazing how one child survives the family epidemic without being sick. Perhaps he is now a carrier. Wash those hands!!! ;-> We also spent a week being sick–even I was down for a day. (and that’s rare because I “never” get sick). 🙂

    Please come by and visit sometime… We’d LOVE to see you!!!!

    ps How did you like the pie?

  2. l.ann said

    So glad to hear that you all made it home safe and sound, as well as having a great time! I’m sure this will be one of those Christmas’ the kiddos will never forget (aside from seeing Mommy in diapers, of course :o)

    And by the way – I cry at the Shamu show too – and I’ve seen it more than once since we have an annual pass to Sea World. It never fails – I start bawling! You’re totally right – the Creator (and His creation) are something else!


  3. Patti said

    I totally get the crying thing at Shamu. But I think one needs to really be tuned into the God Frequency to feel the awe. I don’t cry at Shamu but I only get AM and FM.

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