A Politically Incorrect Post

December 14, 2009

When we were at Legoland, Yummy Man told all the kids that they could each get a souvenir in the Big Lego Store.  The one caveat was that it actually had to have the word “Lego” somewhere on it.

So Four-Year-Old got a pink princess skirt with a half-inch square on the waist that said “Lego” on it in tiny letters.  Whew!  She barely passed with that one.

I had to put a time limit on the big boys or else we would’ve paid $420 for Legoland tickets in order to spend two days in the Lego store, picking out one.  Lego.  kit.

I picked out a box of Duplo people for the two littlest boys.  It had 20 people in it of various vocations, ages, genders, and races.

Pretty nice choice, right?

When we got home, Yummy Man opened the box and immediately, 3-Year-Old settled down in the living room with all 20 people, setting them up on the coffee table while I nursed almost-2-Year-Old.

As an aside, we have never ever owned a coffee table because, to me, a coffee table is just a piece of furniture that takes up valuable square-footage in a house vastly occupied by many small people.

But they ARE kinda appealing to short people who otherwise aren’t able to enjoy normal tables.


After a few minutes, 3-Year-Old excitedly told me that he had very lovingly and helpfully separated out the various Duplo people so that he could have some and his 2-year-old brother could have the rest.

He had lined up his people in a nice curved line, perfectly matched to the curve of the useless coffee table.  There was a firefighter and a police officer and a construction worker and a bodybuilder. 

Okay, not a bodybuilder.  I’m just trying to convey the level of manliness that his Duplo people oozed.

Then I noticed that beside me  on the couch lay a pile of Duplo people that had been designated 2-Year-Old’s.  Three-Year-Old motioned to me that I could now incorporate them into 2-Year-Old’s life and then he cheerfully went off to play with his manly Duplo people.   And there was no malice or unkindness at all in his demeanor because he doesn’t POSSESS these things in his character.  Seriously.   I’m not just saying this because I’m his mother either. 

So there they were.  Two-Year-Old’s Duplo citizens.

All girls and old people. 


Three-Year-Old left him with the Duplo wimps, basically.

And last night when I was lying in bed, almost asleep, I remembered this story and started giggling in the bed, lights out, the house quiet, Yummy Man almost asleep, and I just. couldn’t. stop.

Tears were rolling down my face, picturing precious little 3-Year-Old with all his manly Duplo people all lined up and when I tested him, and secretly snuck a girl or a geriatric citizen in there, he squawked, threw it aside, and replaced it with his testosterone-y guy.

Truly?  It’s one of the top five funniest things I have ever experienced in my life.  

And that may not have come across in the retelling, but I had to try anyway.




2 Responses to “A Politically Incorrect Post”

  1. Susan said

    That is so funny. Hey I am impressed at him willing to share even if to year old got all the rejects.

  2. Hey there, sweet friend! I just love watching(reading) how you love being a mom! It’s great…and such a precious thing to behold!! Thank you for your example! Miss you so much, and love you lots! (((HUGS))) 🙂

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