A Christmas Eve Day Story

December 28, 2009

We spent Christmas Eve day with friends who live in the country.

We try to have as many friends who live in the country as possible because we miss country life and love having any excuse to go there.

Even if it IS Arizona.

So after all the kids ran and played and jumped and ate and yelled and laughed themselves silly and we had quite thoroughly worn out our welcome, we got back into the van to come home.

And on the way home there was quite a bit of grunting and pushing noises coming from the back.

Where the kids who wear diapers sit.

When we arrived home, I opened the sliding door to let everyone out and when Grunting Boy came to the van opening, I asked him if he had had a fun day and he said, “Yesssss!”

All the “ssssses” are there because he has this very pronounced lisp.  Also, even though he is three years old, he is a bit delayed in his speech although he is very advanced in the loving and serving department so we don’t have a problem with all the lisping and stumbling over words and sentences.

So then I asked him if he made a stinky on the way home and he said…..

“No, Mommy.  YOU made a stinky on the way home!”

And he had the cutest grin and the most adorable lisp and then, when I took him inside and put him in the red sleeper with the fire truck, I ate him all up and now he’s gone.

The End.



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