This Afternoon…….Thirteen Days After My Last Post

January 11, 2010

Today, the entire family was looking at old pictures.

The kind where you have to really think which baby that was with the swollen eyes and the purple skin and the nakedness.

Since they all kinda came packaged that way.

And there were nine of them.

We also looked at pictures of our old house in Iowa where there were green, rolling hills and deer in the yard and clotheslines full of newly-washed beanie babies and mismatched towels and tiny little boy undies.

And I almost started crying because I miss green and rolling and clotheslines in the country.

But I didn’t.

Because 11-Year-Old informed me of this self-esteem-destroying fact…..

He said, “Mommy?  You looked way better in Iowa than you do here.”

And when I explained to him that the ONE picture he saw of me that made him say that, was a week after I had birthed a baby…..which is the ONLY time that I have thick, wonderful, non-frizzy, chocolate-flavored hair.

And he said, “Well, how can you get that here?”

Man.  If I knew THAT, I’d be a millionaire!

A thickly-, curly-, chocolatey-tressed millionaire!


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