So Here’s the Question…..

January 17, 2010

Say that your 22-month-old projectile-vomits down your entire body, INCLUDING INSIDE YOUR SHIRT, down your skirt, and onto the tops of your shoes……..





And say that some of said vomit gets into your mouth.

What do you think the odds of NOT getting the same sickness would be?

Ballpark figure.

Kindly leave your encouragement at the end of this post.

Also?  In case you (or, more likely, your kids or the juvenile side of your husband) are wondering?

Vomit tastes exactly like it smells.

So there you go.


12 Responses to “So Here’s the Question…..”

  1. Trinka said


    Maybe the natural reaction of meeting vomit WITH vomit is designed to expel any germs obtained in this fashion.

  2. Ronda said

    I can feel for you. This actually happened to me but it was more delayed car sickness than viral.

    We were at a show in Branson while visiting relatives. So gross! We cleaned up the best we could since we were two hours from our home base and finished out the day.

    A good way to avoid crowds in Branson is to wear Eau de Vomit. People really avoid you!

    Hope you are ALL well soon.

  3. Mindy said

    Oh dear. And, um, gross.
    I thought that having a child vomit all over me while I was wearing a nylon nightgown was bad.
    You’d better start chugging the Airborne and hope for the best. :o)

  4. I would have puked already….almost did from the mental picture! But, knowing my history with my 8, you probably won’t get sick…you’re the MOM!

  5. Kelly said

    The following is from Stephanie… “So guess that means your not coming to church tonight?”

  6. Kristen said

    Wow. That was really gross. I sure hope you are all feeling better QUICKLY and that all the healthy ones stay healthy!

  7. Patti said

    you’re toast. embrace that fact and it’ll go easier for you.

  8. Happy geek said

    So very sorry.
    I think the only bright side of that would be that really, your day could only get better from there.

  9. roundbelly said

    So, who cleans up after the kids if you get taken out?

  10. Jessica said

    I have been thrown up on and the other before by littles… 🙂 ah… the joy of raising kids for the Lord!

  11. Kim W. M. said

    Hope you’re OK…

  12. Cathy Bush Richardson - MAC '81 said

    Had the same thing happen with my daughter 17 years ago. She is now a sophomore at CIU . . . I didn’t caught the virus, either. God has a sense of humor . . . and supplies healing and grace!

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