You…..The Extraordinarily-Privileged Readers of My Blog

January 26, 2010

Believe it or not, I never got the sickness, even though I was able to answer a lifelong question of mine as well as many others’……

What does vomit taste like?

And therein lies the key to understanding the title of this post.

You are my extraordinarily-priveleged readers because you can now say that you know a woman whose small child vomited INTO HER MOUTH and she did not succumb to the same sickness.

After more than two weeks of one child getting the vomit-sickness every other night at 11 p.m. SHARP, we are done.


And I am astounded and amazed that I never got it.

I should be studied by science, don’t you think?

Personally?  I think it’s the one Dr. Pepper I allow myself each day.


You’ve gotta admit that it’s GOTTA be healthy.

I mean, it’s got the word “Doctor” in it, for crying out loud!

And now I realize that I probably lost a good chunk of my readers who collectively gasped at the fact that I drink Dr. Pepper, but that can’t be helped.  Just remember this…..I run it off every night.  Plus, remember the “Doctor” thing.  Also?  Yummy Man started it.

So there.



5 Responses to “You…..The Extraordinarily-Privileged Readers of My Blog”

  1. Amy Moller said

    I knew we were kindred spirits! Dr. Pepper has saved my day more than once!

  2. Susan said

    Hey at leas it’s only one a day and not 12. I have my one Diet Coke everyday and that has that terrible Aspertame in it. So i am probably really unhealthy. Well you won’t lose me as a reader.

  3. Happy geek said

    I tell you, You NEVER cease to make me laugh.
    Glad you stayed healthy.

  4. Nana C said

    I used to drink the Diet Coke too. But occassionally have a Dr. Pepper. Acutually coffee is my drink, especially in the winter. I enjoy your posts Allison, they make me laugh!!!!! nana C

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