Hi There!

January 29, 2010

Well, all of the sudden, my stats have gone through the roof.  Apparently, my old college ran an ad in the alumni newsletter about this blog.  So hello, fellow alumni of the college I attended many years ago for one purpose and one purpose only…..

To meet me a Yummy Man.

Which I did.

Oh yeah, and work on a degree in writing, which I didn’t accomplish unless you count writing for this blog, in which case you’d be mildly delusional, yet flattering to my very-fragile psyche so thank you.

(And now you understand from the above sentence why I didn’t accomplish my writing goals and must rely on the occasional bad grammar and run-on sentences of this blog to fulfill my need to be a sorta-author.)

About 22 years ago, I transferred into that school and was heartily welcomed by the self-proclaimed “Welcoming Committee” made up of Yummy Man, his roommate, and various friends of his.

Of course, if I’d weighed 450 pounds and been hairy and sweaty, I’m thinkin’ they wouldn’t have ventured over to my table in the cafeteria that day.

I was pretty smart back then and could figure that out for myself.

But here’s something cool or creepy, depending on how you feel about these kinds of things…….

The night before, there had been an informal square dance in one of the buildings on campus and Yummy Man was there because he was one of maybe 42 people in the universe who actually knew how to do that.

And I saw him there as I stood on the sidelines, fending off the advances of a guy who reminded me of one of The Muppets although I’m not sure which one, thinking about how yummy that square dancing guy was in the gray, Levi button-flies.

(Yes, I remember what he was wearing.  Green shirt too.)

And I honestly said in my head, “Could he be any yummier?  I’m going to marry that guy!”

And now, here we are after 20 years of marriage and nine kids, still going strong.

All that to say, “Welcome, fellow alumni” although, officially, I didn’t graduate so that probably makes me, technically, a non-alumni.  Or an alumni by marriage.

And thanks for reading my little freakshow here on the web.



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