Okay. I’ll Admit It.

February 28, 2010

Our 15-year-old is a pretty smart kid.  She read “The Iliad” in, like, 2 weeks recently.

It’s not the Cliff Notes version either.

Or the abridged version.

It’s the 4-inches-thick version.

The other day, she walked into the living room, stopped, looked at me and said, “I’m really starting to think that I’m not endothermic at all!  I MUST be ectothermic!  It’s FREEZING in here!”

And that’s when I started to try to understand what in the heck she was talking about, while feeling like I may be in over my head with her now in this homeschooling thing.

Because I didn’t have a CLUE about what had just emerged from her mouth in our living room!

And I’m not normally dumb, you know?

Okay, I’ll admit that my smartness leans towards home-decorating and toy-organization and email and Amazon and……um, yeah….that’s it.

What I’m saying is, I have blocked all sciences and mathematics from my mind, kinda like people block horrible things in their past lives because they can’t deal with them.

That’s me and science and math.

Except for Algebra which I totally aced.

You know why?  Because I loved how you had to organize all the like numbers and letters and put them into neat groups and reduce them down as far as they would go until the only thing left was one letter and one number.

Which is basically how I organize our home and our schedule and basically, our entire lives.  Organize it all into neat groups and reduce it all down to what is absolutely necessary and good.

See?  Algebra ROCKED!

But don’t ask me about Physical Science and Trigonometry and Geometry.

Because then I’ll need therapy.

And that’s why my one high school student is doing Apologia science ON HER OWN and is now smarter than I am.

And I’m okay with that.

As long as she doesn’t ask me any questions about the Law of Angular Momentum or tangents or anything.





One Response to “Okay. I’ll Admit It.”

  1. l.ann said

    Oh my! Ali does the same thing :o) AND – she’s going through Apologia by herself because of the SAME things! I’m OK with Algebra – I’m OK with literature – I’m even OK with history, but science (phew!)

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