My Haircut and Subsequent Crying Episode.

March 18, 2010

So today, I tried a new hair-cutter person because my old one only works on the weekends now AND I have to drive almost 30 minutes to get a really great haircut.

And I came home from that horrifying experience and cried for aminute or two in my kitchen.

Because “horrifying” is only half right, in descriptive terms.

It’s like she used a chainsaw.

And had issues with people who have pretty, chocolate-flavored curls with gray sprinkles.

And now I look like I should have a wife.

Also?  I’m going to have to stay home from church for the next month or so.

Please join me in fervent prayer for a miracle to happen on my head in a very short amount of time.



6 Responses to “My Haircut and Subsequent Crying Episode.”

  1. Trinka said

    You could also temporarily revise your views on 1 Corinthians 11. 🙂

    Sorry for your hair. So NOT fun. 😦


    • oliveplants said

      I finally came to the place in my life last year where I was able to say that if God wanted me to have long hair, He woud’ve made my hair thick and beautiful. My hair, first of all, is literally incapable of being long and, second of all, is absolutely hideous when I try. It is NOT a glory, let me tell ya. So while I would love to have that glorious “covering”, it’s just not there. I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna have to get my glory elsewhere. Do you think long LEGS count?

  2. Grandma said

    I love reading about your adventures. You really make living enjoyable with your writing.
    Lately I have noticed a trend for hats. Maybe you can put some pizazz in your wardrobe by wearing hats for a while.
    I also have curly hair, and it is almost impossible to find a stylist who knows how to manage my curls.

  3. Patti said

    Let me start out by saying, I’m praying for a hair miracle on your behalf. Later, when you are feeling more philosophical about it, the following comment might be helpful. Until then, please go on about your business…

    Philosophical Thought: Maybe your haircut is a blessing. Now you will come to really love and appreciate it for what it is instead of mourning what it is not.

    But until you get to that hair zen place, I feel your pain.

  4. riahjoy said

    I really need a haircut before Palm Sunday/Easter performances as my hair is in my eyes and I can’t see the music or the conductor in front of me, but now you have me terrified of going to get one! (Last cut was in July–I’ve got quite a phobia in that area 😦 Do I just chop my bangs myself and hope for the best?? I hate having bangs that must be trimmed but my huge forehead is a huge issue for me…why must we all have our hang-ups? Hats seem to look real cute on other people…wish they worked for me. Heavy sigh. I’m so sorry about your new “do”…it was so cute last week! Maybe you could claim it’s a military requirement for all adults living on base????

    praying for quick growth for ya,

  5. Ok. Looking like you should have a wife part – killed me! And I look back to pictures of me about the time WE met and think to myself – yep. I looked like I could have had a “wife” too 🙂 So glad you slapped me into shape on the whole dresses and long hair thing (wink!)

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