A Post That is NOT About My Hair.

March 21, 2010

Our base is having Air Show Weekend and yesterday, they had an Air Show Dress Rehearsal.  That’s probably not very manly and military-ish to call it that, but that’s what seemed right to ME so I went with it.

So we went yesterday because I knew that TODAY, 86 million people would be there and we wouldn’t be able to get in quickly and would have to walk 96 miles to get to the entrance which is farther than our house is to the runway, and there would be people there who would give me the creeps, and it would be loud, and non-military people might annoy me.  Like the guy who wore a Navy t-shirt.

At an Air Force air show.

I don’t know.  It just kinda bugged me. 

Bad choice of shirt-wear today, Dude, was what I was thinking.  And then I immediately thought that I would go home and post about this guy and his shirt.

Because….you know….he’s reading this blog and all.


After we had watched the last item of the day, which was the Thunderbirds, I let the littlest ones out of the strollers and sat and watched them all run around and have fun at the edge of the runway where we had been standing.  Almost everyone had left by then, which was fortunate because Small-Child-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless took that chance, while she was watching planes land, to hike up her dress, STICK HER HAND DOWN THE BACK OF HER LEGGINGS,  AND SCRATCH. HER. BOTTOM.


And she took her sweet time of it too. 

Because when you’re four, you can pretty much take your time at anything you choose.  And yesterday, she chose her bottom.

And THAT is what I will remember from this year’s Air Show.

AND the part where I got a little weepy when the F-16s did a fly-over of a simulated rescue attempt and all I could think about was how much I LOVE that sound! 

The sound of freedom, really.  The sound that you SO want to hear when you’re in a jungle or a desert somewhere, wondering where your brothers-in-arms are.  Or so I imagine.

The one other thing I will remember is this lady who had hair down to her waist and it was the kind that even the smallest breeze would blow and flutter it and it was naturally curly and I just kept staring at it and wishing it was on MY head and I think that kinda made me cry too.

Because my hair is the antithesis of her hair.

Especially now.

With the horrific haircut I have recently acquired.

Oops.  See there?  I DID post about my hair.

Imagine that.

And somewhere in the world, something REALLY tragic is happening to someone who wishes that the only problem she had in her life was a bad haircut.

MAN, I’m a loser!



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