In Honor of My Granny Gumdrops

April 1, 2010

My granny died today.  Just a few hours ago. 

I already miss her.

I was hoping she could hang on until I got to her but she needed to go.

She was such a neat lady and I loved her dearly.

She was one of the funniest people I know. 

She would’ve laughed at this whole death thing. 


Here are a few of the things I loved about her.

She honestly thought I was the best mom in the universe and told me so every time we talked.  And even though I knew the truth, on bad days, I’d remember what she thought of me and want to BE that mom she thought I WAS.

She made me a better person.

I remember the very first time I consciously thought, “I love that lady.”  We were on our way to her house and my mom had this big talk with us about how, for our whole lives, Granny had dyed her hair.  It actually WASN’T chestnut brown and was actually very gray and maybe even white!


So we got to her house and there she was.  No brown hair anywhere.  Just gray.  And she was worried what we would think.

And that made me love her.  Her vulnerability and the fact that she was scared that we’d think badly of her. 

You know, because coloring your hair is sin.  It’s the 11th commandment.  “Thou shalt not use Clairol.”

Another thing I loved about her was her love of the beach and swimming.  I thinks she swam until she was 88 years old or so.  We used to ask her where her bikini was.  She was the only Very Old Lady on the beach every year when we went.

I was secretly proud that she was MY Very Old Lady.  She used to joke that it took all of her strength just to get her swimsuit on.  And she’d laugh at her Shar-Pei-like skin.  (That’s the dog breed with all the wrinkles hanging off.)

She was WAY cuter than a Shar-Pei!

Seriously.  You just wanted to wrap her up in a receiving blanket and snuggle in bed with her.

When I was younger, I would LOVE the weekends that I would get to go spend with her.  For some reason, in her guest room, she had a double and a single bed pushed together to make one gigantic bed that I just LOVED!  My favorite memory about those times, though, was that she kept her heat on, like, 86 degrees.  And every time the furnace would kick on, it would make this low, rumbly noise which quickly became one of my favorite sounds in the whole world.  And the toastiness of her home made me never want to go home.

Where my mom kept the heat at 26 degrees.

You know.  To save money.

She must’ve figured out that the cost of burying small, frozen-hard children was actually less than the cost of keeping the house at a humane temperature.

Here is one of my favorite stories about my Granny……….I wrote it a few years ago and I can still giggle aloud over it.  Here it is…..







4 Responses to “In Honor of My Granny Gumdrops”

  1. Mindy said

    Thanks for this, and for the link to the old story. I had forgotten about what had happened that I commented about! 🙂
    All the way to my Bible study last night, I was praying for you and for Granny Gumdrops–and had to chuckle to myself because I don’t think I’ve ever voiced a prayer for anyone with a candy name before.
    Praying for you all!

  2. Trina said

    Oh Allison, I’m so sorry to hear about your Granny!! I’m sure you all are going to miss her tons and tons. We’ll be praying for your family. *Sniff sniff, sigh*

  3. Cheryl Fleener said

    well, I commented on your stories, but don’t see them, I always like to go back and see what others have said too. Anyway, enjoyed your last 2 posts and my best with blessings to you and your family, I enjoy your posts. nana C

  4. Kristin said

    Do you find it at all ironic that you loved the 86* temps at your granny’s house, but you detest AZ, where it’s HOT? LOL

    Sorry for your loss, but so glad that you have wonderful memories.


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