May 4, 2010

Here’s some good irony with which to start your day……

I know.  That sounds so Grammar-Nazi-ish but I can’t help it.  I have a real problem ending sentences with “with”.  See?  I just did it and now I just broke out into a cold sweat.  But I have to leave it that way to prove a point.

That when you end a sentence with “with”?  The world will probably come to an end sometime this week.

And there will be some kind of far-reaching explosion to go along with it.

Just wait and see.


Back to the irony.

When I’m pregnant, I have lots of trouble sleeping.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Also?  When I’m pregnant, for some reason, Yummy Man tries to force really terrible and unhealthy food down my gullet.

Like last night after all the kids were in bed, he asked me if I needed him to go out and get me anything that I was craving.

And then he proceeds in this manner…….

“Like a shake?  Or some Chinese food?  Or how about anything from McDonald’s?”

So I ask him why it is that he is trying to make me into Pregnant Morbidly Obese Woman?

And he said this……

“Well, if you’re hungry, I don’t want the baby suffering because you’re not eating enough!”

So vanilla shakes from McDonald’s and Shrimp Lo Mein from Hot Wok and donuts from Krispy Kreme will actually HELP the baby?


Did y’all know about this?  That it’s ASSISTING the baby’s growth and brain-development to shove Bavarian-cream-filled donuts down my throat?

And it took me 10 pregnancies to figure this out?

Man, I missed out on a LOT of good junk!

Might have to make up for that here in the next few months.


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