A Misunderstandiment

May 10, 2010

So 8-Year-Old was crawling around the house today with her little brothers who happen to be 2- and 3- years old.

They were kinda lagging behind her and so she turned around and said this to them in a very pleasant tone of voice………

“Come on, little fools.”

And I’m pretty sure I gasped a little.

And then choked because I…..like…..OVER gasped if you know what I mean.

So then I said to her, “Oh, we don’t EVER call people fools, especially your little brothers!  The Bible talks a lot about calling people ‘fools’.  The Lord is not pleased with that at all!”

Then SHE said, “But they ARE little fools.”

And I said, “No, they’re not!  They’re your little brothers and it’s not loving at all to call them fools!”

So SHE said, “But, Mommy, that’s what you call baby horses!  We’re pretending like they’re baby horses!”

So then I was all, “OH!  Baby HORSES!  Yeah.  Um, those are called FOALS.”

And she was all, “Okey dokey then, Over-reacting, failing-quite-amazingly-at-a-Biblical-lesson-opportunity Mother .”

Not really, but it ends this post on a bang, doesn’t it?

Plus, it’s kinda catchy too.


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