If It Wasn’t So Sad…..

May 22, 2010

it might be kinda funny.

Here’s the thing……

I am in an airport again, going back to my parents’ house for the second time in six weeks, for the death of my OTHER grandma.


That’s gotta be a record or something.

So all my grandmas are now gone and it’s pretty sad.

And this time, my kids aren’t so excited about me leaving.

Last time, it was a novel thing and I think they thought they’d get to eat Fun Dip for breakfast and watch Cartoon Network which would’ve been a neat trick since we don’t even GET TV.

This time, I think I detected a teeny-tiny amount of sadness on their parts and it kinda made me happy and sad at the same time.  Happy, because they’ll miss me and sad, because they’ll……um……miss me.

Earlier today, 5-Year-Old told me, “Mommy?  I wish both grannies hadn’t died.”

And then 8-Year-Old reminded me that one of those grannies was the only person in my family who sends birthday cards and could I ask Grandma (my mom) if she could keep that whole thing going.

In other news, airport people are different, aren’t they?  You just never know who you’re going to see and what you are going to experience.

For instance, would you be  kinda weirded out, as I was, at the Hawaiian guy who feels some sort of other-wordly need to play his ukelele AND SING wherever he happens to be standing or sitting?  And remember, we’re in an airport.  Not an open-air Woodstock-y type of gathering in the great outdoors where you can walk away while snickering under your breath a little.

Not that I would do that.

And the lady teetering around on stilettos that have GOT to be 8 inches tall, wearing a mini-dress that canNOT be comfortable, and having really long, smooth, chocolate-y hair?

Yeah, I know that last part didn’t really fit with the rest but I’m kinda hyper-aware of other women’s hair.

Because I’m sorely lacking in that area in case you have just been introduced to my blog.

It’s a regular topic here.

So, I think it was because of her hair that I made it a point to kinda stand a little near her with my three strands of short, curly hair and my clogs and my 5’10” frame, and long denim dress, and kinda look down at the top of her head and have to restrain myself to not pat her like she was a cute little puppy.

Because when you got height and you notice someone else kinda doesn’t, plus that person has nice hair that you don’t?  It’s some sort of rule that you have to do things like I just did.

Not saying it’s mature.

And now this rambling, horribly immature post is finished.

You may carry on with your evening.

Unless I just totally ruined it for you.

Sorry about that.

(Note to self….Do NOT put this post in your next book!)


3 Responses to “If It Wasn’t So Sad…..”

  1. Ali Ann said

    I’m so sorry to here about your grandma! I’ll be praying that you have a safe trip.

    Tell everyone hi for me, I miss you all!

    In His unfailing love,
    Ali Ann

  2. Trina said

    Ohhh, I’m sorry to hear about your other g’ma! 😦

    Your 8-y-o and mine still seem to have (at least partly) the same type of personality–or maybe they’re going thru stages at the same time. The whole b’day card issue is totally something he’d think of and bring up!

  3. Alatheia said

    Hey. Don’t be hating on stilettos. I happen to enjoy them. But I don’t teeter. I walk stately and impressively. 😀

    On a nicer note: my mother sends her fondest greetings in the form of laughter at afore posted…….post (yours….not mine).

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