If It Wasn’t So Sad, Part 2

May 24, 2010

So, the ukelele guy?

Well, I didn’t get to tell you the rest of the story so here goes…..

He plays while waiting in line to board the plane even though people are looking at him and scowling and kinda moving away and going to stand other places.

And I wait to get on the plane until the very last minute because I know that I’m sitting at the back of the plane. 

So I get on the plane and I’m walking back, looking at the numbers above the seats,  trying to see where my number is.  Finally I’m almost to the back of the plane and my eyes glance around and I realize that Ukelele Guy is sitting in the very last row.

And right next to him is an empty seat.

Which, I discover after checking and re-checking my boarding pass, is mine.

Oh, the irony.

However, God knew before the world was even created that this moment would happen and He also knew that if I DID end up in that seat, I would jerk that ukelele away from that strange man and break it over my knee.

Because I’m pregnant, my grandma just died, and I’m continually plagued with the fact that I have very thin hair.

So God had the plane be late so that half of the passengers decided to wait until the next day to fly.

Which meant that I got to pick a different seat.

It was a very noisy flight because it was a little plane, so the engine noise was loud and everyone was kinda having to yell over it in order to talk to their seatmates.

But halfway through the flight, I noticed a noise that hadn’t been there before.  It wasn’t talking; it wasn’t engine noise.

It was singing.

Accompanied by a ukelele.

And I just don’t know what I can add that would make sense of this whole disturbing thing.



One Response to “If It Wasn’t So Sad, Part 2”

  1. Mindy said

    Um, wow. That’s about all I can muster. :o)

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