The Post That My Dad Will Hate But I Just Couldn’t NOT Write About It

May 26, 2010

Before I begin this post, I must preface it by saying this……

Perhaps, sometime in past posts to this blog, the possibility exists, no matter how incredibly slight, that I MAY have exaggerated slightly in one or two insignificant areas.

MAY have.

And I like to call it “taking liberties” or “slightly embellishing” instead of the liar-liar-pants-on-fire mantra that may be bouncing around in your brain right now.

So I said all of THAT to say this……

In no area in THIS post are any liberties being taken, no slight embellishments are occurring, and absolutely NO lying is being done.

Last night, my parents took me to a steak house so fine that the meal was something you think about for weeks afterwards.

There were no paper napkins or plastic tableware and they even bring a huge slab of raw meat to your table to ask you how large they should slice it for you and if you’d like the blood and fur included.

So we’re sitting there eating and talking and, all of the sudden, my mom and I both hear someone patting someone else on the back and we notice a commotion at the table directly next to us. My mom glances over and immediately and calmly states my dad’s name twice. At her voice, he leaps out of his chair, goes directly to the woman sitting behind him and overtakes her husband who is badly attempting the Heimlich Maneuver on his wife who is unable to breath due to a piece of steak stuck in her windpipe. My dad lifts her out of her chair, performs the maneuver for a few moments until she begins breathing again. My dad then proceeds to question her, asking if she has chest pain, etc. and then comes back over to our table, sits down, picks up his fork, and continues eating his baked potato.

This is an amazing story, would you agree?

Here’s the most amazing part and it is THIS part that prompted me to write the beginning of this post about embellishing, exaggerating, and blah, blah, blah.

The most amazing part of this story is that this is not the first time this has happened.

My dad has done this somewhere between 40 and 50 times in his adult life.

It has gotten to the point where he listens carefully in any restaurant he goes into while he is eating, and told me that he really is unable to fully enjoy his meal because he thinks that someone will need his skills while he is there.  And a lot of the time, he is right!

The funny part is that my DAD rarely notices when someone is choking to death. It’s my MOM who notices and calmly tells my dad that someone, once again, needs his assistance.

This has happened at steak restaurants, fish restaurants, church picnics… name it. Anywhere that people are eating.

He told me that it has mostly happened in establishments that serve steak and seafood so I told him that he needs to make sure that, from now on, he goes to liquid-only restaurants. Or ice cream restaurants.  Or all-you-can-eat pudding establishments.

Last night, he told me that the lady’s husband was basically just hugging her while she sat down and that if no one had been there to help, within a few moments, she would’ve died.

This has been a family joke for many years because it is just so weird that wherever my dad goes, people are literally choking to death and he brings them back from that every time. So last night after he had sat back down at our table, my mom and I had to struggle mightily to not burst out laughing that, once again, this had happened. It was very difficult but we managed until after the family left. Sounds terrible, I know, but it’s just so. stinkin’. weird. I asked her if she had kept track through the years on how many people my dad had saved, using the Heimlich. She told me that it was definitely more than 30. Last time I asked her that, when he saved someone ELSE a few months back, she told me that at one point, she thought the count was up to 47, but she wasn’t sure because it wasn’t cool to count that.

My dad is a great husband. He’s a great dad. He’s a great MAN!

But I personally think that God put him on this earth to do the Heimlich Maneuver.


5 Responses to “The Post That My Dad Will Hate But I Just Couldn’t NOT Write About It”

  1. Mother said

    ” … God put him on this earth to do the Heimlich Maneuver.” Well, I can’t say I’ve ever really THOUGHT of it that way :-), but Praise the Lord, he’s GOOD at it! 🙂

  2. THAT is one awesome story! What a dad and what a gift!

  3. Mother said

    bad, bad girl! maybe I will write a blog about you!!! i love you, anyhow.


  4. Mindy said

    Hmmm…maybe that was one of the spiritual gifts that was left out? :o)
    The restaurant should have given him his meal for free. :o)

  5. Choking scares me! I’m so thankful that your dad was and has been there to save all of those people. I’ve NEVER had to do the Heimlich and pray that I never will because choking really does panic me.

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