May 29, 2010

If you remember, seven weeks ago, my Granny Gumdrops died.  Then ONE week ago, my other grandma died.

When I decided to go to my first grandma’s funeral, I agonized about what it would do to 2-Year-Old who was still nursing.

Not because he NEEDED to, you see, but because he WANTED to and there was no telling him otherwise.

And I tried!  I even did the Negative Sibling Peer Pressure thing where I went down the list of all the kids in the house who DON’T nurse.

Which is pretty much all of them.

But he wasn’t ashamed and he didn’t feel pressured to stop and there was no inkling of sheepishness on his part whatsoever about still nursing even though next week he’ll be eligible to get his driving permit.

So I explained to him that Mommy would be going on an airplane and that I would be gone for a few days but then I would come back and, in the meantime, there would be no more “nu-nu” which is our special little family word for “nursing.”

We’re just cute and clever like that.

So he smiled, situated himself on my lap, propped his legs on my shoulder, and asked for nu-nu.

When the day came for me to leave, he accompanied everyone else to the airport to see me off.

And the reality of what that meant for him did not really come about until that night before bed.

When he normally nu-nus.

It was bad.

Really bad.

But everyone survived and he finally understood that I would be home in a few days and the nu-nu would resume.

When I did finally return, the first words out of his mouth were….”Nu-nu, Mommy!”

(Bet you didn’t see THAT coming!)

And so we resumed the nu-nu against my better judgment.

Then my other grandma died and I went to HER funeral too.  We went through the whole Mommy Airplane thing and he seemed to understand better.

But when I returned THIS time, certain things had occurred in my body to let me know that 2-Year-Old needed to stop nursing.


And so when I got back home, I told him that nu-nu was finished.

Done.  Ended.  Finito.  (Is that a word?)

And he STILL is not getting it!  Every now and then, he looks at me expectantly, raises his little eyebrows, and says….”Nu-nu?”

And I have to tell him “Finished nu-nu” and then he cries and I do a little bit too.

I mean, before he had to stop the nursing, I was like a walking pacifier which was pretty handy to him.

Now I’m a walking pacifier that has a hole cut in it, permanent kitten hairs stuck to it, and has been dropped on the floor of various gas station bathrooms, so I basically don’t work anymore and am just plain useless, not to mention filthy!

(You do realize that I’m not REALLY filthy.  That just went along with my analogy and I had to go with it.  Okay.)

The older kids have tried to help out with this whole “finished nu-nu” thing, but haven’t met with a large degree of success.

Because 2-Year-Old will say, “Nu-nu?” and they’ll say this……..

“No!  No more nu-nu, but it’s okay because nu-nu is YUCKY!  Yuck!  Ick!  Bleh!”

But he’s not havin’ that.  He just rolls his eyes and mentions something about reverse psychology and how Mommy has already tried that and it so doesn’t work.

He’s developmentally advanced like that.

And then he rubs his chin, realizes that he needs to shave before he goes to work, and heads off to the bathroom.


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