A Post So Filled With Rambling, You May Want to Have a Fork Handy to Stab Yourself in the Eye With.

June 21, 2010

So it’s been 108 bazillion degrees here the last few weeks and Fairbanks is calling my name.

Taunting me with its 65-degree, slightly cloudy, yard-full-of-white-kittens, sparkles, and rainbows weather forecasts.

And what I THOUGHT I could handle……staying here for one more summer……is becoming almost unbearable.


When you don’t go get the mail, which would entail walking up the sidewalk and past  three houses, just because it’s too hot?

That’s just sad.

And when I’d rather take a nap than go to thrift stores?

Call 911.

But heat makes me mad and irritated and totally and completely unable to do any kind of work whatsoever except eat ice cream sandwiches and order Chinese take-out.

Ask me how I know this.

When I was searching for a receipt the other day, I asked Yummy Man if, perhaps HE had it in his wallet and he said…..

“No, the only receipts I have in my wallet are for take-out.”


But this is what I do every first trimester.

I eat and eat and eat.  And it’s never salads that I want.  Or raw carrots.  Or anything even remotely healthy in the least.  (But that time IS coming, if I remember correctly.)  And then I wake up at 2 a.m. and think about all the food downstairs that I am missing out on while my tummy growls in bed, but I’m too lazy to get out of bed and go get some.

Because it’s hot outside.

And it’s not like we don’t have air-conditioning.  There are icicles hanging like stalactites (or is it stalagmites?) from the ceilings of our house.  And the kids beg me to make it warmer but I remind them where their jackets are and sigh deeply and blissfully in the frigid air.

Also?  I tell them that I’m preparing them for Fairbanks and they should actually be THANKING me!

So.  The theme of this post tonight was…….

1.  Arizona heat and it doesn’t matter that it’s dry.

2.  Chinese take-out.

3.  Fairbanks.

4.  Heat.

5.  Panda Express.

6.  Great Wall of China.

7.  Hot Wok.

8.  Heat.

I think this pregnancy is affecting any small amount of writing talent I may have had in the past.

And that was, like, the only talent I had except for thrift store shopping.

And freakishly amazing home organization.


3 Responses to “A Post So Filled With Rambling, You May Want to Have a Fork Handy to Stab Yourself in the Eye With.”

  1. So, it’s not 108 here, but it’s bad enough. I’m 11 wks from delivering and I don’t care if I ever leave the house again! I feel your pain.

  2. Trina said

    LOL!!! Hang in there Girl, only a couple more months until you leave that heat! On one of the more humid days we’ve had recently, I told Randy and some of the children about the “dry cold” post and we all laughed for many many minutes. Which, of course, only made us sweat more, but at least we were smiling! 😀

  3. Round Belly said

    I feel so that way too. (just foudn out we are expecting number 6) and all of a sudden I don’t cook, move and think it is too hot! (and I’m in Minnesota)

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