The Oral Surgeon Story Reaches a Finale….And Other Good Stuff

July 21, 2010

Well, most of y’all seemed to think my idea to let Horrible Oral Surgeon work in my mouth was a bad one.

So I listened.

And my friend, Kim N., told me about a nice, gentle oral surgeon here in Tucson that has worked in HER mouth for several years and is USED to people crying in his office and not in a bad way.

So I decided to get a second opinion from him.

His name is Dr. Quintia and the appointment went so well, and I loved him so much, that I wanted to put him in a Snugli and bring him home with me.  (There must be a pre-requisite for oral surgeons, that you must be five feet tall or less.  Just sayin’.)

I told Yummy Man that I wanted to hug and kiss him at the end of my appointment and he said, “You DIDN’T though, did you?”

The only part that stunk about the whole thing was that, after I had gone on and on about how I had cried in front of Horrible Oral Surgeon and how that goes against everything I believe in, I started getting teary-eyed at the end of the appointment with Wonderful, Chocolate-Flavored Oral Surgeon.

Because he was THAT nice.

And you know things are getting pretty serious when I’m TALKING TO MYSELF inside my head, telling myself not to cry even though it would be okay because this guy would’ve probably given me a box of Kleenex and a hug and all the apple-flavored Jolly Ranchers in the candy dish in his waiting room.

Also?  He told me that Horrible Oral Surgeon is notorious in this town for treating people like month-old garbage that consists of fecal matter and decaying bodies.

So the whole humiliating-crying episode last week?  Totally not off-the-wall and weird and wimpy like I thought and was led to believe.

So now I feel vindicated.   And relieved.

So thank you, Kim N.!  You made my week!

In other news…….

Two weeks ago, when we were at the clinic EVERY DAY for some child or other to get a physical for our move to Alaska, I got Tiny Man out of bed early one morning and proceeded to change his diaper.

As I was getting him dressed for his appointment, I told him that we were going to get in the van and take him to see the doctor.

And he raised his fat little arms above his head and shouted….”YEAH!!!!!  The DOCTOR!!!!!!!!”

But here’s the funny part.

He’s never BEEN to a doctor.


He was born at home and has never bled from his eyeballs, which is pretty close to the only time we take our kids to the disease-infested clinic here on base.

I really don’t think he even knew what a doctor WAS!

So it was pretty humorous.  I kinda wanted him to do it again.

Because do you even know how funny it is when little kids raise their arms up to the sky but their hands barely even reach over the top of their heads?

Check it out sometime.  It’s pretty funny!  We have our little kids do it for our entertainment here.

It’s like dinner and a movie.

Except cheaper.


2 Responses to “The Oral Surgeon Story Reaches a Finale….And Other Good Stuff”

  1. Kristin said

    You know, my kids LOVE to go to the doctor… and the dentist. They ask, even BEG, to go at times when it’s not even necessary. I’ve even had a (4yo) child make up ailments that he’s certain will earn him a trip to see the doctor. Kids are weird. With short appendages. *grin*

  2. Allison, If you’re going to take a 150+ pound oral surgeon home with you, use an Ergo. They’re much easier on the back then a Snuggli. I am now going to bed and praying that my family will stop catching every strain of the summer flu known to man. We need better herbs or something. Not that THAT had anything to do with your above post. But your a random person, so I thought you’d appreciate it.

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