Texting, Marriage, and Yummy Man

July 22, 2010

Have you noticed that when I finally get around to blogging,  it’s not usually just ONE post for that day?  It’s, like, 23 posts for that day.

Why is that, you may be wondering, and I honestly don’t know.


Motivation by your wonderful and funny comments?

Little kids are at the playground with Yummy Man?

All of the above do apply but I really think it’s so that my readers will be placated.

And whenever I say or write that word, I always think of petting a cat.  Don’t know why for sure, but I think that’s just how I picture what that word means.


So here’s the post…..

After my experiment with the drowned Blackberry, I had to go get a new phone.  And let me just say here that our cell phones are the only phone service we now have.  There is no home phone any longer sitting on a small table somewhere, requiring regular dusting and hardly ever ringing because I really only have two friends.

We ONLY have cell phones which has worked really well.

Except when I drowned mine.

Let me also say that I used that phone in place of my brain, actually.  It held every list I will ever need, passwords, phone numbers, schedules, and gift ideas.  It was a WEALTH of useful information to me and held so many necessary things to my life.

But then it drowned and I thought it would be easy to find a replacement.

I was wrong.

The Amish phone that I picked…..the ONLY one that had a full keyboard without requiring me to spend 86 million dollars a month to have web and texting and housecleaning……only lasted one day.


Because I started inputting my Homeschooling List of spelling words and suddenly, after the 6th line, it got stuck.

Or so I thought.

Turns out that each list you made only allowed 100 characters.  So it was basically like giving Shakespeare a Stick -Ems notepad and telling him that’s all he gets to write his next play.

Is that an exaggeration?  I don’t think so.  And I’m kinda the expert on exaggeration.

So it had to go back.  And that’s when we realized that in order to get the usefulness that I required from a phone, we would have to pay the 86 million dollars each month for web and texting and housecleaning.

Okay, not REALLY 86 million dollars a month, but now you know what I meant about the exaggerating thing.

So all of this to say that we now have texting.  And I only know 2 people to text which also proves what I said about having two friends and only one of them texts.  The other person I text is Yummy Man.

Last night, we were sitting four feet away from each other and HE SENT ME A TEXT.

After the tears stopped rolling down my face from laughter, and all the kids had stopped yelling and laughing about Daddy’s ridiculousness, I suddenly realized that this might be the only way to have a private, complete-sentence conversation with my husband during the hours of the day that the children are not sleeping.

And that revelation was kinda cool.  Like an epiphany except probably not as noble.

This morning, Yummy Man took the little children to the playground while I stayed home and did school with the older ones.

Here is the text he sent me.

“Cu popping by 930.  will be fun wx day.”

And I only blinked once.


And the reason I felt the need to capitalize that last sentence was because I was amazed that I actually got it!

Basically, he was saying that the Alt0-Cumulus clouds that he was seeing build up in the sky above the mountains would make some fun weather later on today.  See, I know that in the monsoon seasons here, the heat from the sun warms up the earth during most of the day so by the late afternoon, conditions are perfect for a quick thunderstorm that brings buckets and buckets of water that don’t do well on the dry earth of this desert we live in.  He was saying that, because he was already seeing these clouds building this early in the morning, there might be some REALLY fun weather coming later which is basically like acquiring the Holy Grail for Weather Forecasters.

And knowing all of this by way of his cryptic text makes me the best Weather Forecasters Wife in the universe.

Or so I tell myself.

And the moral of this post is this….Be interested in what your husband does for a living and for fun.  Resist the urge to allow your eyes to glaze over when he starts talking about his analysis of the easterly flow and FROPA and Alta-Cu.

Even though it’s tempting.

And that’s my Biblical Marriage advice for the week.

Because I know you came here JUST for that!


10 Responses to “Texting, Marriage, and Yummy Man”

  1. Elisabeth said

    From one weather nut to another….I ‘got’ the sentence the first time I read it, too. 🙂 Fun-Weather-Enjoying-People unite! 😀 By the way, I am jealous that you might be getting ‘fun’ weather because it is 86 million degrees here with no relief in sight!

  2. Patti said

    wow. you really ARE the greatest Weather Forcaster’s Wife in the universe! Because I didn’t get the text and totally relied on your explanation, every bit of it. And because my eyes WOULD have glazed over at the “easterly flow gammma radiation cloud thingy” lecture.

    I promise to pay closer attention to my husband so I too can one day be the greatest…oh wait…husband never talks about his TS work, or stuff that goes on at the office. (lucky me!)

  3. Kelly Stevens said

    You make me laugh!

    • oliveplants said

      I think I fixed it. So now your mom can be assured that I am blogging in real time…..except when I’m in my time machine, of course.

      • oliveplants said

        Oops. I put this in the wrong place and I don’t know how to put it under Jordan’s comment now. Sorry about that. Also? How much of a dork am I that I don’t know how to fix the problems of my own blog?

  4. Jordan said

    Do you know how to reset your timezone? Cuz my mom has an issue with your posts of the future. She also says it’s really important that she knows exactly what Yummy Man meant by “Cu popping by 930. will be fun wx day.” and whether it means that we’ll have to haul all those boxes that are going to be dumped in our driveway into the house.


  5. Mindy said

    My husband and I text while we’re in the same room, too! So there! :o) Except that the kids caught on when they saw me blushing. :o)

  6. michelle lynn said

    found your site when i looked for meaning and significance of olive plants and kids as in ps 128 vs 3 – thanks for the laughs 🙂 now back to devotions 🙂 lolol…..ps open to commentary if you have any 🙂

  7. michelle lynn said

    thanks 🙂

  8. Celi said

    LOL! You are way to funny! I love it!

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