Takin’ Care of Bidness

August 10, 2010

Being in the military is an interesting thing.

Being in the military with nine kids is a whole ‘nother thing.

Going to a passport office to pick up the finished passports affords a bit of comic relief for the day when the guy who is taking the place of the regular lady can’t find your passports but then discovers that there are so many of them, they had to be put in a special package, in a special place.  So the file cabinet wouldn’t fall over or cave in until we could come get them.

And then he counts them all out and laughs and you think that maybe this whole thing would just be easier if you could just FLY over Canada instead of providing them with the DNA make-up of each person in the family.  Because they need to make sure we’re not smuggling small people into their country.

‘Cause, you know, traveling with nine mostly-small and diaper-clad children in an enclosed vehicle, almost 4000 miles could be compensated somehow by the dirty money of black market children-buyers.

Last week, my parents, who will be known from here on out as The Greatest Living Parents On Earth (or TGLPOE), came to stay with all nine children while Yummy Man and I flew to Alaska to find a place to live.

It was like a second honeymoon, except that the place we stayed the first two nights had a few flaws that would make a honeymoon really, really bad.

First, the air-conditioning in the room had  a personality all its own.  Sometimes it wanted to be a normal AC unit and perform quietly and efficiently.  Other times, it decided to be contrary and clicked and moaned at various speeds, depending upon the level of sleep we were in.  If we happened to be in a really deep sleep, it was at its most annoying.  When we really didn’t care because we were either watching The Weather Channel (Yummy Geek Man) or whining about watching The Weather Channel (me), it was nice and quiet.

Secondly, this place apparently thought fitted sheets were overrated.  Instead, they chose to save money by just buying a bunch of double flat sheets and putting them on the bed, tucking the extra half-inch under the mattress.  So.  When you got in the bed, you MAY be okay if you never turned, coughed, or blinked in the night, but if you DID do any of those things, you immediately found yourself lying on the questionably-clean mattress pad.  Or the mattress itself since the pad was of the same quality as the rest of the linens and just didn’t feel the need to behave like Embassy Suites linens.  Or Hampton Inn ones.  Or ANY of the halfway decent hotels in the area that were all full because of the endless summer nights and subsequent tourists.

But we got to explore the area and put an offer on an amazing place and eat meals in peace and quiet and not have to change any stinky diapers.

It’s the first time we have been alone on a trip without the children in 16 years.

It was weird……..but nice.

As in, this-is-nice-for-a-week kind of nice.

And now I have a question for you, my readers, if there are any left after my most recent lack of blog-ness………

Would you be interested in a blow-by-blow account of our 11-day trip, from Arizona to Alaska, starting next month?  With pictures?

And if we buy this amazing place we are praying for in Alaska, would you read a blog about a large, homeschooling family, beginning a homestead journey in the (sorta) wilds of Alaska?

Wherein we raise meat chickens and build fencing to keep bears out and buy a few Shetland sheep and grow some veges to eat and chop off chicken-heads and stuff like that?

Tell me what you think.   But be nice.  I had to hand off the book we were reading for school this morning to the oldest child to continue because I started crying.

Here’s a tip for you….If you’re pregnant, don’t read books about shepherds and sheep and little girls who need Jesus in their hearts and go off into a meadow to ask Jesus to be their shepherd and carry them in His arms and keep them from being naughty.

Because you may start crying too.  And if you have children like mine, they’ll snicker at you behind their hands and wonder aloud what’s the big stinkin’ deal with Mommy!


12 Responses to “Takin’ Care of Bidness”

  1. Alicia Enquist said

    Yes, we want a detailed account of your new adventures getting to and setting up home in Alaska! Pictures are very welcome too!! I love reading your blog and get all excited when there are new posts! Thanks! So glad you got away with your Man, sure it was a much needed and appreciated break and second honeymoon. God bless, Alicia

  2. Charity Sauve said

    I would LOVE for you to continue your blog about you and your family setting up homesteading in Alaska! Please don’t stop blogging! Your blog is a bright spot in my life! I look forward to each new post!
    Praying that your move goes smoothly!


  3. I am a faithful reader of your blog, and look forward to your subtle encouragement through laughter. So, my answer is YES! I will read your account of your trip…and don’t you dare forget pictures! I feel like I know you, and relate to you in so many areas! Thank you for your blog-ness! (hmmm, my computer says that isn’t a word)

  4. Anna Nelson said

    Absolutly, I’d love to hear, and keep hearing whats going on. It has been fun to keep up with your life! I laugh at… no laugh WITH almost every post : )

  5. YES!! I would LOVE to read about all those things!! Please keep blogging!! We’ll miss your family when you all move.


  6. Hey Courtney–saw your TWO letters in World Mag. Stop hogging the comment pages!!! (Just kidding–that’s allowed here on Allison’s site, right?)

    Yes Allison, of course we want pics and news of Alaska, even those of us who won’t be jealous in the least because we ENJOY living in Tucson where it’s hot. (Hey, I haven’t heard that phrase in awhile…you finally used to it?????)

    I got away with my Delectable Dude for a night at the brand new Ritz-Carlton this week and thought of you in my perfectly silently cooled room with the massive bath tub and while I was doted on by servants everywhere I went. They bring you little cups of prickly pear lemonade while you sit in lounge chairs IN the one foot deep pool, wash your sunglasses when they get splashed, and do all sorts of little tiny things to bless you while you do nothing! Hubby had a conference there all week and his work gave him one night to stay–BLISS!!!!

    We let the children come the first day and play on the huge slide, splash pads, and other “water experiences” (no run of the mill pools at this resort!) My parents (also known as best-parents-in-the-world) then whisked them home to 18 yo (best-adult-daughter-in-the-world) so we could lounge in the empty jacuzzi lit solely by fire pits nearby and stare up at the stars. God is so good to give us little gifts to keep us going in these crazy demanding lives we have!

  7. Mother said

    You mean to tell me that you were actually thinking about DISCONTINUING your blog!?! What … are you CRAZY? I mean, you won’t have anything ELSE to do what with raising children, shearing sheep, building bear-fences and growing veggies. You can leave out the part about chopping off chicken-heads though. Sign US up – we’re anxiously waiting. You’ll LOVE Alaska!!!

  8. oliveplants said

    Actually, wasn’t thinking of quitting. Just wondering if there would be any interest in another blog or blog add-on (a blog ANNEX, if you will) about our homesteading adventure. Glad a lot of people seem interested! Gonna get settled in and have a baby this winter, but will hopefully get it started in late winter/early spring. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  9. Patti said

    I feel silly having to answer your silly question of whether we would be interested in your fantastic voyage to the frozen tundra and subsequent adventures in said tundra. I’m a big “yes” on both counts!

  10. Aunt Duane said

    What two letters in the World Mag.? You know bears just look at a fence and say, “Oh this is so downunder”. Yes, I want to see all the pictures and travels, homesite, mountains, etc. Yes, you do have great parents and grandparents.

  11. Judy Gerassimoff said

    Yes! I would love it and will be praying for you! You must be one of the funniest people I don’t know!

  12. Crystal said

    Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. Spend 23 years there before moving to Washington State. Would love to hear about your adventures up the ALCAN and getting settled. Be tough and brave, smart and safe. Alaska will chew you up and spit you out without a cough. My mom often says she misses Alaska because stupid people just don’t survive.
    P.S. I enjoy your blog.

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