October 7, 2010

Okay.  Had a few emails from people wondering if I was still alive and I DO have the answer to that…..


We arrived in our Alaska city on the 28th, I think, after a pretty successful trip.  Here are some of the highlights…… 1.  50 miles out from Whitehorse in Canada, it started POURING snow and kept up until midnight.  The kids got to play in SNOW for the first time since 2008, I think.  The sheer delight and wonder on their faces was worth all the soggy gloves and mittens and hats that didn’t dry all night and had to go back into the van the next morning wet.  Which is something that bothers me and I had to consciously block from my mind.  But I did because…..come ON….it was SNOW, for crying out loud!  Do you KNOW how much I love four seasons?  No?  Well, I do.  Which is why Arizona was not for me.

2.  All the wildlife we were supposed to see as we drove across Canada consisted only of ravens, a few deer which didn’t faze us because Iowa has more deer than you would EVER want to see so we kinda yawned over the deer, and an occasional stray dog or cat.  We were NOT impressed…….UNTIL we hit British Columbia.  THEN we saw caribou and BUFFALO and 2 BEARS!!!!  It was so cool!  I had to keep reminding myself that we weren’t at a zoo…..that those buffalo were just laying there by the side of the road, rolling around and looking at us, like, WHAT?  YOU GOT A PROBLEM, WOMAN?  NEVER SEEN A BUFFALO LAYING ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD BEFORE OR SOMETHIN’?

Yeah, that’s how they talk.

3.  Canada has twirly water slides at the hotels we stayed in.  Like, as a normal thing.  So that is the main thing our kids will remember about probably the coolest trip they will EVER take in their lives.  Water slides.  May have done them a disservice there.  Not sure.

4.  Since the Air Force was paying for our trip, the kids got to pick what they wanted to eat which meant NOT off the 99-cent menu.  They ate themselves STUPID!  It was shameful.  And that is the second thing they will remember about the trip.

Now for the downsides of the trip……

1.  We spent $140 for supper one night in the Yukon.  And there wasn’t champagne and caviar.  Just spaghetti and burgers.  And WATER!  If the Air Force hadn’t been paying, I would’ve thrown up on the floor in front of the cash register.  As it was, I got pretty close to it.

2.  Toy Story 2 is not as funny the 56th time around.

3.  As you travel further west across Canada, the accomodations suffer.  Like, you-should-just-be-thankful-you-have-4-walls-and-a-roof  kind of thankful.  And there are no free breakfasts and no swimming pools and no insulation between rooms and no smoke-free-ness and only acrylic comforters.  Not that I’m a snob about that or anything.

4.  Traveling with your Yankee husband across the Yukon through icy and snowy roads is a little……um……disconcerting.  As in, are you SURE we should be doing this?  I mean, we can wait a day before we go out into this, you know.  I really DO want to live in Alaska and I’m just not seeing that happen today.  And my parents will NOT drive all the way up here to put those pretty crosses with flowers and candles  by the side of the road where we slid off and crashed and died.

5.  I accidentally left my most favorite travel bag in a hotel.  It was a big Lands’ End one that you could put ANYTHING in and I MAY have cried a little over it.  MAY have.

So now we are in our temporary lodging which consists of two 1-bedroom suites in a military hotel that is housing more DOGS than children at this point.  And if you sit and think about that for a minute or two, you’ll be able to figure out what my children are stepping in outside almost daily when they go to play on the playground.  Or step into the hallway outside our rooms.  Yeah.  I know.  But I will stop this subject now before I start to sweat and turn red and get really mad about the whole thing.  Because I have and I will continue to until we leave this place.

I DO have pictures that I will post later.  Just wanted to let you all know that we are safe and sound and happy because as I type this, it is snowing outside and I love autumn and snow so much I could marry them.


3 Responses to “OH MY WORD, I’M BLOGGING!”

  1. mamalovemultipliedby4 said

    My husband was in the military and we only had one child at the time. I can’t imagine moving with 9. What bravery! :)Best wishes in your journey!

  2. Mindy said

    Yay, you’re blogging! So glad! :o)
    Praying for you!

  3. I would just like to say….that I think staying in temporary housing is a sacrifice for one’s country that is trumped only by death and deployment. And I am shuddering remembering what it’s like to have way too many people in way too small a space for way too long a time. So thank you. But, if it makes you feel better, those are some of my favorite growing-up-memories, oddly enough. So while you may end up mentally ill from the experience, your children probably won’t have to talk to their psychyatrist about it when they’re older or anything. Cause I’m sure you had time to worry about that with everything else you’ve got going on right now. 😉

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